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Hi I am a chef, That has worked with many top british chefs, I have now decided to share some of my recipes an techniques that i have learnt and use daily in a busy kitchen to prepare some great meals.

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    • Banned account

      Banned account

      3 years ago

      Hi I started a new account about 6 months ago as I was going to write about a different topic.Anyway I started the account, And I have left it for six months, I have been back and just about finished a hub and I noticed...

    • name change

      name change

      4 years ago

      Hi all. My name on hubpages is charlie which is my dogs name i started writing under,I also had the same name on google plus but a few months ago i changed my name on google plus to my real name Stuart.Since this my...

    • Copied content?

      Copied content?

      4 years ago

      Hi i have had really bad traffic in the last month to 6 weeks thought it was just google updates ect,Anyway i just thought i would run a plagiarism check and My Easy CHICKEN LIVER PATE Hub is showing as copied On a site...

    • Copy and Pasting From Word: Things to watch for.

      Copy and Pasting From Word: Things to watch for.

      4 years ago

      I have started to write my content on word first then copy and paste across.But Word adds in extra little bits of HTML and i am not sure if hubpages has a filter or something to clean it up, As search engines don't like...

    • amazon affiliate code

      amazon affiliate code

      4 years ago

      Have i done something wrong or do i just not understand the amazon link part of hubpages as i have added my code from amazon which i all ready had in too the part in earnings selected some products and added to hub, But...

    • Answering comments left on hubs

      Answering comments left on hubs

      4 years ago

      I am not sure what other people think about Answering comments left on hubs,But I was going to say a little some thing after people have taken there tie to leave a comment,Is there a way to tag people who have commented...

    • hi first hub written but!

      hi first hub written but!

      4 years ago

      Hi i have just finished first hub i no pictures are allways good for hubs and help, but i can not think of any thing to put a picture of in my hub? need a few suggestions, Also after i push the publish button is there...