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  • The James-Lange Theory

    The James-Lange Theory

    9 years ago

    The most influential theory of emotions was proposed in 1884 by William James, the American psychologist and philosopher. A Danish physiologist, Carl Lange, without prior knowledge of James' writings, published the same concept in 1887, the...

  • The Perceptual-Motivational Theory

    The Perceptual-Motivational Theory

    9 years ago

    Two American psychologists, Magda Arnold in 1960 and R. W, Leeper in 1965, arrived at a similar view of emotion, known as the perceptual-motivational theory. In her theory, Arnold stressed the judgment that the individual makes of the provoking...

  • How Does Memory Work

    How Does Memory Work

    9 years ago

    The ability of the mind to retain past experiences and to recall them to consciousness is dependent upon the function of Memory. Past events are revived in the form of" memory images," and the whole process is analyzed into four stages. (1)...

  • Development of Emotional Expression

    Development of Emotional Expression

    9 years ago

    Much attention has been given to the development of emotional expression in infants and throughout childhood. There is general agreement that shortly after birth the only distinguishable emotion is a kind of generalized agitation or excitement....

  • How Does The Mind Work

    How Does The Mind Work

    9 years ago

    The brain with its millions of nerve cells is the essential organ of mind. Just as the battery by its chemical activities evolves electricity, so the brain cell by its vital activity evolves nerve force, of which the highest form is mind. Without...

  • Emotions and Behavior

    Emotions and Behavior

    9 years ago

    When an individual remains under prolonged emotional tension, physiological changes may accumulate. This condition may produce disturbances in behavior, mostly because the prolonged activation of the autonomic nervous system brings about deviations...

  • Memory and Learning

    Memory and Learning

    9 years ago

    The better something is learned the better it is remembered. The so-called #absentminded# professor forgets many little things, especially those he considers unimportant. He does not forget the things he regards as important and to which he has paid...

  • How the Nervous System Works

    How the Nervous System Works

    4 years ago

    During intense emotion, the whole organism appears to be involved, but many, of the most significant reactions may be traced to the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic system contains nerve groups that are located outside the brain and function...

  • The Witch-Doctor

    The Witch-Doctor

    9 years ago

    In the light of modern discoveries of the relationship between mind and body tn illness, the ancient craft of the witch-doctor appears surprisingly modern.

  • The Trouble With Teeth

    The Trouble With Teeth

    4 years ago

    Most people go through three smiles in a lifetime- the milk teeth, an adult set, and the pair the dentist makes It's worthwhile trying to keep your own Few people, if any, have not at one time had trouble with their teeth, whether it be a slight...

  • How Our Bodies Stay Comfortable

    How Our Bodies Stay Comfortable

    9 years ago

    Our bodies act like miniature furnaces, continuously throwing off surplus heat. The amount of heat we produce varies with our age and activities. A young person throws off more body heat than an elderly one, and anyone gives off more heat when...

  • The Animal in Man

    The Animal in Man

    9 years ago

    We eat, sleep, make love, run around- if necessary we can climb trees. However we proclaim the wonders of our achievements, one fact remains we are super apes.

  • Man's Cognitive Abilities

    Man's Cognitive Abilities

    9 years ago

    What happens when we learn something? Learning is not merely something you do in school, for you are learning all through life; a baby touches a hot radiator, and it burns his finger-he very likely will not go near that radiator again, because he...

  • Heroes and Heart-Throbs

    Heroes and Heart-Throbs

    9 years ago

    Idolization of people and things is by no means a new phenomenon. But today, hero-worship has reached unequaled heights - what is the secret of this success? When Rudolph Valentino strode across the silent screens of the world's movie theaters,...

  • Sleep - The Great Restorer

    Sleep - The Great Restorer

    9 years ago

    Sleep is the mysterious time when our brain switches off. Is this when our minds and bodies restore themselves? What exactly is sleep for?

  • What is Hypnosis?

    What is Hypnosis?

    9 years ago

    Once just an exciting but dangerous entertainment hypnosis has since been investigated throughout the world as a serious form of medical treatment.

  • Right Versus Left Handedness

    Right Versus Left Handedness

    9 years ago

    Even the lowliest of animals seem to show handedness, but scientists are unable to explain exactly why most - but not quite all - of us are right-handed

  • Real Gangsters

    Real Gangsters

    9 years ago

    When Attila the Hun raped and pillaged his way across Europe in the fifth century AD, he perpetrated acts that would have been considered horrifying crimes in the twentieth century. Attila is but one of many examples that could be taken from the...

  • Measuring the Mind

    Measuring the Mind

    9 years ago

    There are tests of intelligence, personality, adaptability and most other human traits. They are subtle, complex and contentious. How do they work? Do they?

  • Are you Extroverted or Introverted?

    Are you Extroverted or Introverted?

    9 years ago

    Attempts are still being made at formulating a theory of personality. What have psychologists discovered so far about extrovert and introvert types?

  • What is a Psychiatrist?

    What is a Psychiatrist?

    9 years ago

    He is many things to many different people. For instance, to the sophisticated urban American, the psychiatrist is probably as familiar a figure as the general practitioner is to a European American doctors talk jokingly of 'calling up your friendly...

  • Parapsychology


    9 years ago

    Parapsychology is the study of apparent exchanges of information between organisms and their environments through means other than those presently understood by the physical and biological sciences. In current usage, the term refers specifically to...

  • Piltdown Man Hoax

    Piltdown Man Hoax

    9 years ago

    In December 1912 Arthur Smith Woodward and Charles Dawson announced the discovery of a remote ancestral form of Man, the 'Dawn Man of Piltdown'. The discovery aroused great scientific interest because it appeared to provide absolute proof of Man's...

  • America's Urban Alligators

    America's Urban Alligators

    9 years ago

    One of the most recurrent pieces of newspaper lore about New York life is the story that the city's sewer system is inhabited by hordes of prowling alligators. The alligators, so the tales go, are the one-time pets of wealthy and eccentric New...

  • Late Lamented Pets

    Late Lamented Pets

    9 years ago

    On 13 July 1982, the Daily Telegraph carried a melancholy tale. A village teacher in South Glamorgan had fired his starting pistol to demonstrate what pupils should expect on sports day, and the class's pet hamster died of a heart attack. The...

  • The Ozark Turkey Drop

    The Ozark Turkey Drop

    9 years ago

    Since 1945, the people of Arkansas have flocked once a year to the little town of Yellville deep in the Ozark mountains. The great attraction of this otherwise unremarkable community is its annual sporting event - the Turkey Drop. Turkeys are...

  • Puppetry Arts

    Puppetry Arts

    10 years ago

    The hand or glove puppet has a solid head and hands, attached to a garment in which the manipulator put his hands. Marionettes are jointed puppets usually controlled by nine strings attached to a control held by the manipulator. The usual number of joints in the body varies between six and 15,...

  • Fascinating Freaks

    Fascinating Freaks

    10 years ago

    Throughout the history of entertainment, physical freaks and prodigies have been exhibited by enterprising showmen. At Bartholomew Fair in 1814, for example, a Fireproof Lady was put on display. Her stunts included putting melted lead into her mouth...

  • Habit


    10 years ago

    The term habit is used in psychology to refer to a product of learning. In this sense it is usually put in opposition to terms such as reflex and instinct that refer to unlearned behavioral tendencies. Actually, the distinction is more difficult to...

  • Absurd


    9 years ago

    Absurd is a term used originally to describe a violation of the rules of logic. It has acquired wide and diverse connotations in modern theology, philosophy, and the arts in which it expresses the failure of traditional values to fulfill man's...

  • Musical Theater

    Musical Theater

    10 years ago

    A musical theater is a light theatrical work that combines songs, dances, and spoken dialogue. The musical theater, or musical comedy, developed in the United States and has become one of the most popular forms of stage and screen entertainment. Among its prime elements is the musical score,...

  • Bertrand Russell Paradox

    Bertrand Russell Paradox

    10 years ago

    The Bertrand Russell Paradox (also called the Zermelo Paradox), in logic, is a problem formulated independently, about 1902-1903, by Ernst Friedrich Ferdinand Zermelo (1871-1953) and Bertrand Russell. It deals with collections (sets) of all sets of...

  • Charlie Chaplin's Vanished Corpse

    Charlie Chaplin's Vanished Corpse

    10 years ago

    Charlie Chaplin, the world's best-loved comic genius, died on Christmas Day 1977, and was buried two days later in a little cemetery overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland. He had spent his last 25 years in the nearby village of Corsier-sur-Vevey,...


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