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Cheryl OMalley profile image

Cheryl OMalley

Joined 4 months ago from Maryland




Most people on HubPages already have a website and are actively blogging about their interests; however, research suggests that some interests are not viable income niches. I suspect there may be some solutions to this problem, and I am here to observe and learn.

I am driven to write and I must solve the dilemma between financial responsibility and creative expression. I am always looking for interesting literary pieces and hope to find other writers interested in guest posting and rhetoric. At this point I am learning wordpress so my presence is superficial, but I am around; and soon, you will see more of me.

I have enjoyed every second of my liberal arts education and am currently exploring universities for my MFA. I feel very fortunate to have chosen English and History as my degree tract because it allowed me to blend both disciplines into a fascinating culture of literary historiography. I have spent the last five years learning the history of Western Civilization through literary exploration: eras, theories and artists, comingled with historical events and pop culture. I started with the ancient Greek philosophers and traveled with Rome to Eastern Europe. I then turned to the Central Steppes to imagine my ancestors, who some say, became the indigenous Irish. By then I was in Western Europe and close to the Asian borders, so I studied Russia, Western Europe, Africa, and early Asian cultures.

I am thankful every day that I read The Ghost of Dibble Hollow by May Nickerson Wallace when I was 8. I fell in love with reading because of this book. I spent many years lost in the wonder and imagination of reading.

Who could not love reading and not be pained by the literacy rate in the United States. Our education system seems to be failing many of our youths resulting in close to 50% of the American population being illiterate or only functionally literate. No wonder there is such a social divide. I hope to explore ideas and solutions and am seeking others who feel strongly about literacy. I suspect that people of all ages, adults and children can improve literacy skills, complex problem solving and narrative practice by introducing core language arts modules into a guided creative writing program. I'd love to hear what anyone has to say about this.

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