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Well as Dr. Nick would say, "Hello Everybody!". Yes, I'm a Simpsons duff, I mean, buff. Otherwise, just a regular Joe spinning round the sun on a daily basis and trying to stay for as long as I can. Father. Friend. Fisherman. Brother. That about sums it up.

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  • Clone Wars Action Figures

    Clone Wars Action Figures

    7 months ago

    The Clone Wars begin during the Separatist Crisis when thousands of star systems seceded from the Galactic Republic to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS). Well that's the geek-dom of it all and all that...

  • Used Penn Reels

    Used Penn Reels

    4 years ago

    Probably the best deal that can be had on the market today when you are looking for bargain fishing reels are used penn reels. Used doesn't mean broke and you can bet that if they ain't broke it'll still catch fish....

  • Find the Lowest Price for Strivectin

    Find the Lowest Price for Strivectin

    9 years ago

    Looking for the lowest price on StriVectin? Rest assured you've come to the right spot. Just what causes wrinkles? The DEJ! The Dermal Epidermal Junction. A wall of rolling cells just below the skin surface. So how do...

  • Guitar Hero for Wii

    Guitar Hero for Wii

    5 years ago

    Think you can gain control of your inner guitar prowess? Well, get ready to rock your face off with Guitar Hero for Wii. The third installment from the Guitar Hero series is going to blow your mind. Thrash, rip and tear...

  • Antique Fishing Lures: Not just for collecting anymore

    Antique Fishing Lures: Not just for collecting anymore

    4 years ago

    Collecting antique fishing lures for me began when I was a very small child.  It was just one of those things that we did.  I had a very active grandfather that played a major role in getting me started.  He was my...