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Chris Norgate lives in Wickham with his family and a house full of rodents which sometimes manage to stay in their cages. He writes a lot, some of it is even decipherable into English which helps with his dyslexia as he is currently forgetting what words look like, which is annoying as sometimes he needs to use words at work or at home. This is worrying as it used to be just letters but at least its a hobby. These self induced spelling tests and paragraphs of text have in some way been bolted together to create the novels "Diary of an occult resolution assistant" and "Book of two" and he has recently started a blog about his dyslexia to see if anyone out there has the same experiences and could possibly help him understand where he can go for help or to improve. There is also a new blog about degu's and how they fill up his day just sat there watching them. Oh and sometime he rides around helping people while working as a firefighter. But as no one could possibly be interested in reading about this there won't be a blog about that.

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