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Hi, my name is Claire, at the moment I am in Norway ,where i live and work within a family that is setting up an hotel in the mountains overlooking a fjors at Spatind Sports hotel.....a huge adventure, tons of hardwork , but HOW EXCITNG!! I have lived in England and also Italy, I have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a great love of all things to do with Egypt.

I am a proud 53 yrs old, being in your fifties is not something to shrink from , but to embrace.

I also have a keen interest in the Natural world particularly conservation and endangered species.

Life is for living, through good times and bad I keep a smile inside of me because I know that there will be some moment each day when something will happen and that hidden smile will reach my lips.

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      • Israel is 64 .

        Israel is 64 .

        5 years ago

        I have just been scrolling through my google plus and saw the announcements and comments about Israel being an independant state for 64 yrs now. In the midst of such turmoil that exists in the Middle East one has to say...