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I'm a psychology graduate student, who believes in the ability to change one's mind and who keeps on believing in myself and my special dreams.I believe that every human being has the potential to become a happy and fulfilled person, whether in the workplace, in a relationship, or just life in general. I offer my expertise and experience to assist you towards the truth and the unknowns.

I'm one of those people who are trying to find difference that makes "the difference" by simply contrasting similarities and differences between one situation or another or between one person or another.
I see all of these through writings, so I made it a point to differentiate everything by sharing my knowledge, opinions and personal points of view through my write ups. That very crucial difference will usually tell you where to take action.

Not so long ago, I didn't know that I can really write up an article or anything significant about the life of others and my life as well"good or bad", I just took things for granted or worse, I was worried that If I was to acknowledge everything through writings, I felt like it's taking me out of my consciousness, weird right?but it's true you may laugh at these but really it's true! And now I'm quick to express everything.

I've discovered the ability to see other people's points of views and turned it into a story, I guess it's an innate talent that has been given to me by the God Almighty.

I see the writing relationship as an alliance, writing for me is a partnership, a process of inquiry that empowers "you" as the writer to reconnect with your inner wisdom, a power to express what's in your mind.

My write ups focus solely on people and their situation with a commitment that you will rarely see or experience elsewhere. a compilation of what's hot and what's not hot.

As a writer, I believe that every person has the resources to achieve what he or she really wants. If you have what it's got to be a writer, why not share it after all" failure is not an accident" but " failure is really a feedback".

You may hate me or love me, but I'd say better love me for I' am actually considering all the details of the process, your beliefs and values, what you see, feel, hear, what you think or say to every happenings, events and incidents encountered, the context in which they become the "Talk of the town".

We all have that wisdom and power to have the life we want, remember you are much more than you think you are.
Dare to make a difference.
Dare to express your thoughts into writings.
Dare to changes one's mind.

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