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Keoya Business Enterprise Group - The Writer of Clouds Among Us is open to assisting any and all who need to uplift themselves and thier souls.

Everyday each of us bears witness to a “Cloud Among Us”. We go through out our daily lives reading, listening, or facing a person, creature or thing that has made our life a living hell here on earth. These people always find their way into our imagination, either by print, radio, or nowadays your favorite YouTube video. They have inspired us by their choices, they have deplored us by their statements, and they have made us hate them by the evilness they have conceived or they have thrilled us with their wonders in amazement. Our purpose is to bring you the reader back into the fold of your conscious, letting you feel and sense what it’s like to be heard with topics that matter to you the most. "Clouds Among Us" applauds your thoughts providing you with a moment to breathe, discuss and represent your true opinions.

Something about the author, he is a fledging leader striving to bring the harsh reality of life into the forefront of your vision. He is a pioneer and a first in the field of technological breakthroughs. He holds two degree’s in the field of science His attributes are no question known to be historically life changing. The first to develop a musical interlude of history, his remarkable aptitude to excel in the face of failures is a game changer which has beat back the odds of failure. His feats will surely go unrecognizable, but will remain cherished by everyone who is inspired and rewarded with the GIFT of his KNOWLEDGE in striving forward when all else around is failing.

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