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  • your love story

    your love story

    5 years ago

    Once upon a time a fare princess went to work And got swept off her feet by a man in dark Little did they know their love was true Were he would rawr like a tiger And she would be quiet as bunnies do Fighting with temptations and parents...

  • That Tricky Train’s Calling

    That Tricky Train’s Calling

    5 years ago

    Some things just happen, some things don’t matter Some days we hear them, and other days they’re clatter Just empty noise, nothing but fuss Whittles in the wind, or just ruckus Either way, the time is near to put down everything and...

  • Wading


    6 years ago

    So, when I was younger I wanted the world to relax from the destruction it was heavin’ the time seemed to pass, old dreams seem heinous And when the dreams cease to flutter Replace the hurt endured with filth and clutter I’ve stared in...

  • Around we go, when we stop, nobody knows

    Around we go, when we stop, nobody knows

    6 years ago

    Look at the truant teenagers who skip school, run riot, get high, stop and fight the fight then realize the government lets them die it’s on the Breaking News, every station didn’t you hear, a 19 year old kid died today? Didn’t think so,...

  • the single song

    the single song

    6 years ago

    I found a seed and planted it It grew you to become you and me to become me you and me that’s what became to be But a single wish could make it one to we I could write a song, a million miles long and make you believe, you belong with me maybe...

  • the miscommunicated

    the miscommunicated

    6 years ago

    Riots ring through the tarmac streets Ring riots ring let the world hear the pain The fallen fall and the risen rise To call upon those who stand on the out skirt Angels and demons Peering in through the smog, painted black faces, pure of ash...

  • hermit-wallflower


    6 years ago

    Truth in the lie, precision locked inside Listen to the words of the hurt… the broken The crazed… the insane The fortress of a hermit The wall for the flower The words I can’t speak The fear in me Some say, we walk this life to flourish Well...

  • My Little Vessel of Hatred

    My Little Vessel of Hatred

    6 years ago

    My Little Vessel of Hatred From a far she glistens, like a goblet of fire, with golden rays like the sun. They call her the spawn, but I call her mine. Oh dear, dear, dear, my sweet infant, now no older than me. Her hair of a flowing ray, her eyes...

  • changing time

    changing time

    8 years ago

    feathers that sore through out the sky that capture the sun vibrantly in my eye a lonely bird who wonders and flys looking for the last meal it might have tonight the nestle in the bushes scared to see there is a bear standing next to me...

  • loverlinks


    10 years ago

    lovers links are form up front, the first hello, the first look into each others eyes the fire works blow only at times when that first kiss lights up the sky but if your link is strong and true it'll happen through and through lovers links are...

  • solardream


    10 years ago

    your the moon that orbits my heart and the sun that lights my world the stars that twinkle in my sky i call you my own and some where in the open blue sky one night as i float in the deep blue sea u come to me as a painted image pure and perfect i...

  • foreverandaday


    10 years ago

    when the morning comes and the sun is rose i cant help to smile as i see your face, your arms wrapped around me so tight a crowbar couldnt break your hold. the morning dew mist across the grass as we sit on the porch to drink our favorite cup of...

  • pain that drains

    pain that drains

    10 years ago

    your body may hurt but you'll lay down everything and recover in time and your mind may too this will drive you insane but the pain will drain your heart may ache from what someone took but i need you to do one thing take some time and...

  • made for me

    made for me

    10 years ago

    when god made you he colored your eyes the best blue shade and your smile to shine so bright, it'll never fade and your hand the perfect size for mine to coincide and he put us together knowing we were meant for each other So sweet...someday...

  • death-to-a-demon


    10 years ago

    death to a demon that turns his soul that makes him change from one to more he is buried by a fury burning pit when he is torn from good to evil he wants the door. death to a demon that fills him full of hatred and darkness he turns for sure....

  • drained-heart


    10 years ago

    My love drains to the floor it used to pump through and through but now that I’ve wised up and got dumped over and over and over more I can see that it may open other doors for improvement on myself or for you. you used to say...

  • my-curse-in-my-universe


    10 years ago

    Available on Amazon link: Barnes and noble link:...

  • paradise


    10 years ago

    You're like a forest fire burning my dreams.....: Can you hear my cries?.... Cause I hear your lies.... May I ever have my paradise?.... You're like a hurricane raining on my life....... You drag me down.... Cause I can hear your...

  • butcher


    10 years ago

    silly of you to scream this torture is only a dream if you were really feeling pain there would be tears to drain sanity fades in the dark you thought it'd be safe in the park now it's catapulted me into action as I slowly place you in traction ...

  • puppeteer


    10 years ago

    > I rest on the cold wooden floor, awaiting The day that you will come The day you get me ajar Ready to do the dance  I so many time have done But right now my...

  • rejection


    10 years ago

    consumption rolls through poison, just the right amount waiting for it to take control numbness that omits your pleasure blindness that fades your sight but tonight is going to be your night people who don't recall people who cry an empty tear...



    10 years ago

    walking the dirty streets i follow your foot prints even though i am alone. wondering where we are going to end up. blisters drain and socks now full in red mess. pain is an object of feeling that would make most aware but still i continue,...

  • ode to you

    ode to you

    10 years ago

    friendship may last forever love is to soon at all fear should faze you never tears are here to fall darkness has forgotten so stars twinkle not here you lay in your slumber soastrut limbs are pulled from the body’s lock your casket...

  • circle of rage

    circle of rage

    10 years ago

    Splinters in my hands and blisters on my feet i can't feel the pain subside i can feel the sweat drip feeling like im in a crazy tympanic rage crazed with this over seeing age wisdom sought down let the knowledge run around ...

  • actors news

    actors news

    10 years ago

    for people that are trying to get into hollywood acting: one central casting is good for extra or well known as background work... they ae located in burbank california on 227 flower st... walk in thursdays only... the cost is 25 dollars for...


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