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Born in the deep south of Ireland in the late 40’s; emigrated to the dark North of England in the early 50’s; emigrated again to Australia in the late 50’s; returned to England in the early 60’s; emigrated to South Africa in the early 70’s; returned to Wales in the mid 80’s (also had a one year stint in the Gulf in the late 60’s) and yes, I do get dizzy.

I am now retired and hitting my three score and ten later this year (2018); I have been an apprentice Monk, a Medic in the Air Force; a furnace bricklayer; a Maintenance Fitter; a Taxi Driver; a milkman; a Sign-writer; a factory worker and finally a manager.

Married to the same woman for 51 yrs. with 2 kids and live in Wales. Have just signed up with University of Creative Arts (UK) for a BA(Hons) in creative writing and hope to graduate before the tall man with the scythe comes calling.

I will not go quietly into the night but will rage against the dark (I’ve got a very powerful torch!)

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