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I am a free thinking open minded conservative. My objective is to simply share knowledge with others. When I find something that I believe to be of benefit to others I like to share. I am not a scientist or chemist; neither am I a botanist, biologist, nor medical doctor. Even though I have no so-called formal education from an accredited school but I am amply able to read and decipher information. When I find subjects that interest me I read everything about it I can. I am merely attempting to pass on to you the results of what I have read or otherwise learned from personal experiences, observations, and research in order to help stimulate enough of an interest in you for further study. For over thirty years I have been researching the field of Alternative Medicine. I have an insatiable appetite for information, I am always eager to investigate what's touted as the latest and greatest. I am also passionate about getting to the bottom of things, to separate fact from fallacy and discover what works and what doesn't. I have invested a considerable amount of time and resources to this education and have chased many a rabbit hole only to be disappointed and often disgusted with what I find. I believe that sharing information, good or bad benefits us all. When information is kept from us, covered up or spun it's usually because there IS something to hide. I am also acutely aware of the inconceivable harm and needless suffering--though rarely acknowledged- caused by the lack of credible, unbiased, informative and truthful information passed through so-called "trusted sources” such as mainstream media and government which is why this site exists, to give you, in the words of Paul Harvey "The Rest Of The Story"

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  • Allicin: Hope or Hype

    Allicin: Hope or Hype

    6 years ago

    Probably most of us have bought herbal supplements before being convinced of its great value, only to discover with time and observation that it was not all we expected it to be. The lable was great, it said all the...