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Corrie Lamprecht profile image

Corrie Lamprecht

Joined 7 years ago from Thailand




Also follow me on:

Born and bred in the old South Africa during the month of Sagittarius in the year of 1956. Although I am fairly Sag; the Chinese sign of Monkey with Fire element is really more descriptive. Nowadays I am no more horse and arrow; I am proud to be from the family of Ophiuchus. In this modern time what better area to have in your sign than the centre our Galaxy and holding the Control over the Snake!

I live in Thailand where I have a yacht factory. My two sons are here with their families - hey I am the proud grandfather of none less than three grandsons. My Ex is in South Africa with a new live in her heart and there my two daughters are still enjoying the Sunny South with rainbow colours. In South Africa this grandpa has a pretty little granddaughter too!

My daily life is research. One of the main subjects is alternative energy; hope to publish my complete alternative theory on the creation and physics. Part of that is gravity control, so I have a keen interest in anything UFO/USO as well with a logical clear mind.

If I have to categorize my interest in one word, it will be ALTERNATIVE.

Recently I was asked "Are you an Astrologist and where did you study?" No, I am not an Astrologist. But I do believe in astrology however my interest is probably more interesting. If I really have to classify myself, it would probably be something like "Cosmic Alchemist" because the field of my interest is so diverse that it does not fit with any current school of science. Believe it or not, my interest in prophesies, astrology, electrical and magnetic stem from the wish to understand the Origins of the Universe; and that is all about understanding how to generate new kinds of energy and motion.

Starting off with lots of research and experiments in the field of Alternative Energy I kept on finding certain aspects that does not make sense. Fortunately the one big talent I have is analysis of data. In order to understand how electricity and magnetism really work I failed to get any good answer. So I had to go back in history to try and see where people might have gone wrong. Today we are in the corner of a dead end street, most likely directed here by Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Do I believe in God, the creator? YES, absolutely. BUT not the God as depicted by Christians, Buddhist, Muslim or any other dogmatic religion. I do believe in God the Ultimate Creator, the giver of Life and the holder of Knowledge. Are we humans the creation of God? No, I do not believe so, at least not direct creations. Personally I do believe we are creations of created ones. Kind of like we are genetic modified and enhanced descendants of other Gods - aka Aliens. But they or others before them - eventually were created by the one and only God of the Creation.

Further I do believe that we are in fact created to be an Image of at least our creator Gods. I mean as in real physical looks and abilities. Did you know we were designed to live forever? We are not suppose to go old and die! Our physical beings are such that we should be able to regenerate any part of our bodies. The problem comes that there in the small glands of our brains is a little code embedded that cause the Pineal gland to stop some functions, progressively from the age of about 17 years. From that time then we grow old and eventually die.

In the greater sense we should become creators ourselves. The Universe is waiting for the newer enhanced humans to become Explorers and Creators. Hopefully better than what we have done on this Earth!

It is with this vision, combined with some prophesies in my own life, that I set out on this path of discovery. I am seeking new knowledge about energy, life and gravity. I do believe there is another 'kind' of energy we can use to drive our motors, to heal our bodies and to lengthen our lives. This energy will also take us to the far reaches of our Universe. That is my mission, my purpose and I hope it will be my legacy.

In the way of understanding I went back from current Physics models and tried to find where we lost the right path. I have seen points in history where the alternative was breaking through, but it was suppressed by the mainstream. So I kept on going back in scientific history, until I reached the Point of Origin. I found we have to take a new look at the origin of the Universe and of all life within, the age, the energies - everything.

Following that and somewhat strange events; I have developed a complete new theory starting at the point very long ago when there was nothing and how everything came to be. This theory describes another structure for the Atom, Light, Energy and life. It is because of this alternative understanding of the Forces of the Universe that I have new insight. In this theory I can explain exactly how come an atom remains in motion, how we are affected by our Zodiac and so many things.

Because of the research I did and the wide field of knowledge I had to cover; I am offering these discoveries and insight here on HubPages for free. You will even notice my Adsense is disabled. I know ultimately it will set the next mind on the right road of discovery and the eventual explosion of human knowledge and development.

Now days some people us the Thirteen Zodiac, other reject it. Historical Ophiuchus did play quite a number of scenarios, dating even as far back as the original Babylonian. The name came from Greek and means "The Serpent Bearer".

On 9 October 1604 there suddenly appeared a new star in the sky, one that becomes so bright that it outshined even Venus. That was the "Johannes Kepler Supernova" one of only five supernova visible by naked eye in the past 1,000 years and it was the second brightest after the 1054AD event that we today see as the Crab Nebulae. The leftover of that supernova is in the heel of the Right foot of Ophiuchus.

The sign of Ophiuchus has always been the snake around the shepherds staff (Not the Cadeucus of Hermes); a sight depicting the medical profession; healing. It also indicates a new beginning, the return of life. Forgotten for centuries only to be newly added to our daily lives; Ophiuchus is the only sign perfectly aligned with sun and galaxy and it is the only sign that is based on a real human!

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    • WOW; what exactly do you think Alchemy is about?

      WOW; what exactly do you think Alchemy is about?

      7 years ago

      WOW; what exactly do you think Alchemy is about?

    • Marine


      7 years ago

      WOW!  about 78% of our planet is covered in water (Sea, lakes, rivers, polar ice).  As if that is not enough; we humans can;t exist without water.  Oh, and when we go on holiday or weekend breaks, where do we like to go?  Deserts, cities or nature - with water?I fail to find any...