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Hello Friends,

I am the Cre8ivOne, you can also call me Dawn. Born and raised in the midwest, I have a down to earth approach on life. My interests are art, music and writing/poetry and cooking/baking. There are several other topics I will branch into writing about as I get going here. I am tickled pink to have found a forum for my writing!

My first hub posting was the first poem I have had published, it is called, Lost. I hope you check out my poetry soon.

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      • photos use

        photos use

        4 years ago

        Can anyone point me to the page about acceptable photo websites?  I have lost track of this page and my options.  Thanks much!

      • Key words

        Key words

        4 years ago

        I have not written a Hub in a few months and I just noticed I had published a Hub without any key words.  the reason I didn't add any was because I didn't find them as an option when I was creating the...

      • Lip Balm

        Lip Balm

        5 years ago

        Hey guys and gals,I have had a cold the past few days and my nose is so stuffy and my lips are dry.  I am looking for a decent lip balm that could help.  What works best for you?

      • Is it okay to do an old 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge?

        Is it okay to do an old 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge?

        6 years ago

        A fellow hubber asked us to join her in a 30 in 30 challenge.  When I look at the link I see it is from 2 years ago.  We all want to do this but is it okay to post up our hubs to that thread still?Thanks!

      • Photos


        6 years ago

        Can someone direct me to the information regarding photo use? Want to make sure I am following all the rules.thanks

      • How do I get subsections for topics on my profile?

        How do I get subsections for topics on my profile?

        6 years ago

        Hi guysI am fairly new to HubPages and I always have questions but for now I wanted to ask if anyone could direct me how to give my profile subsections for my writing?  For example, Poetry, book reviews...Anyone?

      • Awards that come and go?

        Awards that come and go?

        6 years ago

        HiI have a question.  I've been on Hubpages about 5 weeks so I am still trying to figure everything out.  A week or so ago, I earned the pink thumbs up award for helping new hubbers.  Ever since then, the...

      • The Alphabet Story

        The Alphabet Story

        6 years ago

        Here's what we will do:We are going to tell a story starting with the letter A, we will each say 1 word with the next corresponding letter of the alphabet.  For example A Boy Called.... etc.Here we go....A

      • Correlation between Color and Moods

        Correlation between Color and Moods

        6 years ago

        They say that certain colors can trigger different moods.  For example:Red: energetic, enthusiasticYellow: Imagination, thoughtGreen: Reading, not under stressBlue: relaxed, calmPurple: clarity, purposeOrange:...

      • Editing capules before posting a new hub

        Editing capules before posting a new hub

        6 years ago

        HiI am new to HubpagesI have been trying to post up my poetry in the design and format I have written them in and every single time I cut and paste it I am given a default left aligned format. Help!

      • Question


        6 years ago

        Hi I am new to HubPages and need a little bit of guidance.  I just wrote an article and thought it would be good to suggest a link to a fellow hubbers article as it related to mine.  When I wrote her name and...