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There is a certain mystery to the journey of life that C.S. Alexis would compare to the flow of a river. It is constantly moving, changing, drifting, and often, rushing, depending on the weather. It will freeze over solid in the dead of winter, but under the ice there is life, still living.

C.S. came to find HubPages by way of a bend in the endless stream of information available on the internet. Being a creative sort and surely a curious soul, she decided to make camp on HubPages for a few days, and spend a little time investigating this amazing community. She was instantly taken by the array of talent and spirit afforded here. That was when she thought it might be fun to write a few hubs before she moved on.

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C.S. Alexis is on a mission. She landed here by chance but was truly in search of a place where she could set up more than a camp. C.S. was looking for the perfect place to launch her dreams. The river of life is a long and rugged way to travel and she knew her goal was to seek and find the perfect island to develop her final career.

It had to be a place where she could set up shop and work toward her dream of offering her work to the world. Many years of going with the flow had left her with a deep desire to present her creative adventures to more than family, friends, neighbors and an array of bosses and local customers.

C.S. wanted more and she was sure if she kept searching she would find the bank that held a spot for her to build her dreams. So she wrote a few hubs out of curiosity and then moved on down the internet stream. Funny thing about the river of life and the stream on the internet, sometimes it travels in circles.

To make a longer story shorter, C.S. Alexis returned to HubPages to build a central location on the internet stream. C.S. finds this community to be the most helpful, knowledgable group of individuals from around the world in one collective location. It is the perfect internet island for her to advance her final career.

What Is Her Final Career You Ask ?

C.S. Alexis is an artist who specializes in jewelry making, pyrographics (wood burning), mixed media art. She not only produces one of a kind, unique, handcrafted products, she also writes about how to make crafty things, lending much of her creative knowledge to others who seek to learn more from a seasoned artist.

C.S. does not limit herself to these topics in her writing. That is because she is very aware of the fact that so many outside influences weigh heavily on the production artists strive to create. Life is a catalyst for much of where our energy flows and C.S. Alexis is sure to share her ideas on subjects she has some first hand experience with. That means you never know what she will write next. It all depends on where the river carries her.

C.S. Writes several other places on the internet stream. She believes that variety is the spice of life and offers these streams to a variety of her writings.

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      • Earnings Reports

        Earnings Reports

        6 years ago

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      • Comments from viewer

        Comments from viewer

        7 years ago

        I just read this comment on one of my hubs. LMAO, thought someone else might get a kick from it also.Ken  says:4 hours agoThose are pretty boring wings. Garlic Powder? Seriously? Fresh garlic trumps garlic powder...

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      • I Do Not Want To Be Associated With Guns, Hunting and shooting

        I Do Not Want To Be Associated With Guns, Hunting and shooting

        8 years ago

        I just Googled something and I come up as writing the latest under Hunting and Shooting. I am TOTALLY AGAINST GUNS. Now  why can we NOT SEPARATE HUNTING From  FISHING? I am very upset with this. I do not like...

      • How About Horticulture?

        How About Horticulture?

        8 years ago

        I think it would be good if we could separate this very large category away from home and family. Just the same as Fishing!Gardening and plant information goes a long way with all the sub categories and it would be...

      • Category...Hunting Fishing Shooting

        Category...Hunting Fishing Shooting

        8 years ago

        Today I started reorganizing my hubs to improve on my profile page. Now I never was too happy with the category I put many of my hubs.... Because Sports and Recreation has a sub category that is hunting fishing and...

      • error on stats

        error on stats

        8 years ago

        the stats on my last published hub will not come up. comes up ERROR report the problem, reporting....

      • link capsule not working

        link capsule not working

        8 years ago

        What am I doing wrong? I can not get this link to work in the hub I am writing. Please help. Is it something I am doing or a mis function? The other link I added works fine.

      • html


        8 years ago

        Could someone lead me in the right direction? I would like to include a HTML link to another website in the hub I am writing.  I do not know how to do this kind of link.

      • New Page Layout, Photo Change

        New Page Layout, Photo Change

        8 years ago

        My photo will not change on my profile page.. It lets me crop and then goes back to the original page with same old photo. Glitch in new layout I guess.It changed so I suppose it was just sorta slow.

      • Can't seem to find a category for one of my hubs

        Can't seem to find a category for one of my hubs

        8 years ago

        How To Preserve Wild Mushrooms.... I just do not find a category it fits in. Any ideas out there?

      • Just got this email through hubpages

        Just got this email through hubpages

        8 years ago

        yvette (helpme.ohgod@yahoo.com) has sent you this message.(email address verified)Greeting My dear Friend .How are you and those arround you?? i hope everting is well with you over there fine.Really dear i am very happy...

      • Fan Club And Request a Hub

        Fan Club And Request a Hub

        9 years ago

        These two items for joining my fan club and request a hub are missing from my profile page. I was wondering how long or is it permanent? C.S.

      • links


        9 years ago

        my linls will not work. trying to find help but not! can anyone HELP?!

      • links won,t work

        links won,t work

        9 years ago

        I was away from writing here for a couple weeks. When I started writing again I found that I am unable to put links in my articles. When I highlight the words I want for the link the box pops up for me to paste the URL...