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Hello world. This is Cupideros. I am a mystic, astrologer, feminist poet and prose fiction writer. My website http://www.cupiderosbooks.com list my free writings. Several good poetry books and short story books are on sale there through LuLu.com and Amazon.com. Check out my website after viewing this hubpage blog.

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  • Great Women and Girls

    Great Women and Girls

    3 years ago

    The presence of boy-culture or rape culture only proves that we still need feminism. Women deserve their own privilege to their space, body autonomy, safety and ability to strive in their lives.

  • Meditation: Grab Peace of Mind

    Meditation: Grab Peace of Mind

    7 years ago

    Meditation provides a benefit, boost to your body and more importantly your soul. It is not hard. Just sit for 14 to 23 minutes each day, be sit be quiet and objective netural to your experience.