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I am an energetic, outgoing individual that enjoys a variety of things. I have worked with photography for 30 plus years beginning back in the late 1970s doing in-home baby portraits, school photography and sports photography and even had my own small business. I enjoy flying light aircraft and hot air balloons and hold an FAA commercial pilot’s certificate. When I was younger, I enjoyed rock climbing, martial arts, bicycling and both making and listening to music.

I also enjoy writing and teaching and have been doing so for some years. I have spent 20 plus years working as an engineer in the building controls field and many of those years training clients in the construction, service and operation of these systems.

I have traveled the USA and been in almost every major city and many smaller ones in the process of my work, and have been from Fairbanks Alaska to Miami Florida. I have trained all types of people from contractors to scientists with Masters Degrees and PHDs.

My varied experiences give me a unique outlook on life and an ability to see “beyond” just the ink and paper. I seek the spirit in my work and strive to make each creation alive and speak a message.

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