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Hello and Welcome to Dabby Lyric's HubPages!

I'm an Artist, Poet and Writer. I dabble into various forms of creation, hence the name Dabby! It's a childhood name that I don't want to outgrow.

I've been drawing all of my life. My love affair with art has gotten me into trouble on occassion. Growing up in school, I'd sometimes lose myself in a doddle or 2. I recall drawing on the house wall's once upon a time too. Momma didn't like that too much...lol.

I've been writing poetry for about 16-17 years-on and off. Taking pen to paper during a dark time in my life is how I discovered the art form. I've written over 100 poems over the years and I'm just getting started.

I love to read literature, short stories and books, whether fiction or non-fiction. It's my love of reading that inspired me to create my own works. I've written several fictional stories over the years at my leisure. None are complete just yet.

You will also catch me writing personal accounts of my life. I've gone through a lot in my 41 years on this earth and I'd like to inspire those who have as well! It's also a way for me to heal from those dark and traumatic times.

I hope to explore the many facets of me here. Pull up a chair, a drink and join me.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Feel free to check out my Youtube Channel: The Chronicles of Daboetry Poetry

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