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My writings are mostly Americana with articles including biographies of historical figures in the fields of art, traditional music, medicine and Native American life. In addition I have included fiction portraying frontier subjects. Additional articles are about the history of dog breeds and of some other historical subjects.

My hub on African American Cowboys, a neglected area of black history, was well recieved on hubpages..

My background is in the the study of Ameican Culture with a degree from the University of Minnesota in the Program for American Studies,a certificate in Graphic Arts from Century College in White Bear Lake,Minnesota.

I have worked for in newspaper writing, business writing and finally technical writing. I am retired from The Dept of the Army in Rock Island, Illinois.

I have a free ebook called Guest Ranch. You can download it at this link:


My second ebook is entitled Tales of Carbons Creek it is for sale at a low price:


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      • money supply

        money supply

        5 years ago

        I know that the government printing money in excess leads to inflation and devaluing the dollar. How does the use by consumers of credit cards have? I personally use very little cash and I hardly know what the money...

      • Hub score and use of dialect in story

        Hub score and use of dialect in story

        6 years ago

        I have been writing a series of western short stories using a narrator who talks in dialect. I have been continueing the series at the encouraagement of readers. However, it seems that my hub score has gone down--is...

      • Editing a Hub

        Editing a Hub

        6 years ago

        I'm not sure this is the right place but I have run into a problem editing a hub.I notices that the last sentences on a new hub were missing. Simple enough, I thought. I would just go into edit mode and make the change....

      • pixelized or watermarked

        pixelized or watermarked

        6 years ago

        On my hub about Ned Buntline I got an email that it had been unpublished because of watermarked or pixelized pictures.All pictures used on that hub are from wikimedia creative commons and public domain.I was of the...

      • email to contacts

        email to contacts

        7 years ago

        I suddenly find that the option under share for sending emails is not there is it a new policy or did I do something wrong and been cut off?Are others having the same problem?

      • convert 35mm color slides

        convert 35mm color slides

        7 years ago

        I have (if I can find them) some color slides I would like to use on a hub but I do not know how to convert them to a usable form.I do not have enough of them to want to buy any special equipment.

      • Any tips on writing book reviews?

        Any tips on writing book reviews?

        8 years ago

        I do not ordinarily write book reviews, but I occasionally run across a book to share. Are there any specific elements that need inclusion? Are there any rules?

      • folklore courses

        folklore courses

        8 years ago

        Folklore is one of the topics I write about and I would like to learn more. Does anyone know of any folklore courses on-line that would be free or inexpensive. Since there are none offered near where I live I am looking...

      • Moby Dick

        Moby Dick

        8 years ago

        At the time I had to study "Moby Dick" I did not realize how much biblical reference there is in American literature. My question is what is the significance of Ishmael in Moby Dick?The introduction "Call...

      • downloading email addresses

        downloading email addresses

        8 years ago

        Has anyone had problems sending their hubs to their email contacts. In the share pages feature sometimes I can download my email addresses and other time I can't.

      • Using pictures

        Using pictures

        8 years ago

        I'm afraid I am not up to speed on a lot of technology that younger folks take for granted, but I want to use pictures on my hub but am not sure of what is  OK to use. Mostly I am concerned about copyright on any...