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Hi Everyone,

My name is Dainyse Blight, 24, happy and smiling. I'm an IT professional who loves to write about business, politics, economy, culture, cars, insurance, food, and travel.

I always believe that life is so precious. It needs to be valued. Experience everything! Good or bad, it always give you something to reflect on. Live life to the fullest extent.

I write at my best when I'm well-versed and when I'm loving the topic I'm about to write. I wholely consider writing as a hobby. I'm really happy whenever I see people find my hubs interesting and helpful. Hubpages is not only a writing mecca for me but a home where I learn alot, read alot, explore alot and share alot. Add me on your connections and let's discuss.

Some of the outstanding topics I had written inside hubpages:

Cheap Car Insurance Online Tips

Determining Direct Auto Insurance

Florida Reforms Insurance Law

Progressive Vs. State Farm & The Hartford

All the best,

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