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Freelance writer/editor, surfer, animal lover and occasional Catholic/Buddhist/animist in D.C. Likes: travel, beaches, nice people and cats; Italian women, food and shoes; caipirinhas, salsa, Caddyshack, Hooverphonic, Lily Allen, the paranormal, UFO-ology, Area 51 and conspiracy theories. And of course, hubbing.

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    • Farewell, Babe

      Farewell, Babe

      9 years ago

      My precious Babe, the star of "Giving a Cat Fluids: An Illustrated Guide," passed away this morning  due to congestive heart failure. She fought a long, good fight against her mounting illnesses -- kidney...

    • unpublishing a hub

      unpublishing a hub

      9 years ago

      Just wondering: I changed the name of a Hub I published because I thought it sounded better. Can I unpublish and then republish the hub so the link matches the new name?

    • Image only ads in Hubs

      Image only ads in Hubs

      9 years ago

      I'm on the Google Ad Sense ad set-up page, trying to put "image only" ads on my Hub. I've seen a few Hubs with these and they look nice.) But I don't know where I'm supposed to paste all that coding Google...

    • White Space Hell

      White Space Hell

      9 years ago

      Has anyone figured out a way to make the white space between text capsules go away? And how about the abnormally large run-arounds (white space) for photos? I've tinkered incessantly but can't seem to fix these. Why...

    • yukky ad - how do i shrink it?

      yukky ad - how do i shrink it?

      9 years ago

      The Newby Chronicles, Pt. 17: Google has placed a long skinny ad that disrupts my Hub (not yet published) by cutting it in half. Can anyone tell me how to downsize this or get rid of it? I've tried on AdSense and can't...

    • where's my eBay affiliate code?

      where's my eBay affiliate code?

      9 years ago

      Wondering if anyone else had trouble finding the eBay affiliate code you paste into your hub pages account page to get paid. I can't find this code anywhere on my eBay account site! Appreciate any help.Daniel

    • How do I insert photos into the text of my Hub?

      How do I insert photos into the text of my Hub?

      9 years ago

      Hi. Hope I'm not missing something glaringly obvious, but I can't seem to figure out how to get my uploaded photos inserted into the text of my Hub (it's a tutorial). I want to place individual photos next to the...

    • where's my "batch list"

      where's my "batch list"

      9 years ago

      Hi. I'm creating my first Hub. Last night I added a bunch of photos to the "batch list," being under the impression i could come back later and browse the list to choose my photos. I don't see any way to...