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Loves shopping, travelling, eating, sleeping, beading, eBaying, blythes and blogging. Hates taxi drivers who cuts into my lane recklessly, receiving my credit card bills. Wants to be a millionaire by 30, be a full time homemaker (NOTE: Homemaker not housewife), be always effortlessly chic and to tell Anna Wintour to change her hairstyle. Needs to have something new every 3 days, to be loved, to have my Macbook with my 24/7 (even though I am still the same tech idiot)

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  • How To Customize a Blythe Doll

    How To Customize a Blythe Doll

    10 years ago

    Dislike your Blythe looking like every other Blythes? Or is your Blythe looking a little shabby these days and in a dire need of make over? Here's a little help for those who are searching for a weekend activity to do...