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Hi my name is Dave and I am a recovering member of Cat-Holics Anonymous (CHA). You can go to Twitter or Facebook and recognize suffering Cat-Holics by their feline avatar photos. I realized that it was time to face up to my addiction after my 8th life flashed before my eyes. Telling my story as Max Da Cat and designing Litter Clump Art is my therapeutic outlet during rehab. This will be an ongoing story and I will add to it every time I am having a relapse. By my coming out of the closet; I hope to give others the courage to seek help at (CHA). Ultimately I am looking for a way to use my writing and art as a means to help abused animals world wide. FOLLOW me on TWITTER @ MaxsClumpArt

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    Litter Clump Art 101

    6 months ago

    Hi my name is Dave and I am a recovering member of Cat-Holics-Anonymous (CHA). As part of my rehab it helps to tell about the obsession I have of being Max Da Cat. When my eighth life passed before my eyes I knew time...