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Switching careers is terrifying, but I'm sick of reading about all these yoga-Pilate-ab-crunching gurus on Elephant Journal talking about how they're doing what they love and living the dream. So now I sew and rhinestone costumes part-time while I get my jewelry business back up and running. Plus, I finally got back onto this page so, ~Cracks knuckles~ time to get my ass writing again. Believe me, I've got plenty to say.

I read voraciously about health and nutrition because I used to be morbidly obese. I love cooking, DIY stuff, making the most of small living spaces, restoring old, battered furniture and will be posting tons of random, wild and creative blogs here (with photos!). I like Zen philosophy, and am learning more every day. As a really bored psychology nerd, I really like to conduct random clinical and behavioral studies on my unsuspecting friends and strangers both in person and online. No worries, you will reap the benefits of my results! Being a perfectionist means I'll have to write and rewrite it a few times before it doesn't piss me off. But yes, I'm writing. Always writing. In fact, I'm just gonna keep on writing until people figure out I'm yanking stuff outta my ass half the time. lol

Shhh, let that be our little secret. ;)

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