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Hi, I'm in my forties and finding that it is not such a bad place to be!! Looking back on my life so far I realise that with age I've gained experience and I like to think, a little wisdom, that I could share with others and I'm sure that there is a lot I will learn from others too.

I was born in the UK, but left there in my early twenties to see what life had to offer elsewhere. After spending some time travelling and working abroad I ended up living in South Africa for a few years. I have now been settled in Greece - where I orginally met my husband - for more years than I care to count with my South African husband and our two children; who are now at an age where they need me less, so giving me more time to do the things I enjoy and I'm hoping Hubbing will be one of them....

If you enjoy writing, then HubPages could be the place for you. It's a great place to write and publish articles/hubs. The supportive and helpful community here, will give you feedback and advice on your writing.

Why not join HubPages and maybe earn some money doing something you enjoy? Click here to join.... What have you got to loose?

Like to test your knowledge? Do you think you can help people out with their questions? Then why not join me and many other hubbers on WebAnswers and start earning money using you writing skills and general knowledge.


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      • Problem with links.

        Problem with links.

        5 years ago

        The links from my emails to any questions I've asked seem to be broken. Although I don't have any problem with the links from my account page. I had this problem a while back also and it was easily rectified at your...

      • What exactly is spamming?...

        What exactly is spamming?...

        5 years ago

        I do feel a little daft asking this, but I see things written about spamming and certain websites have you decipher codes to help prevent spamming. This word crops up a lot in computer world and I feel I can't continue...

      • Positive thoughts....

        Positive thoughts....

        5 years ago

        Another Monday morning is looming and I wondered if anyone would care to join me in focusing on being positive.I WILL have an upbeat day tomorrow, whatever the weather may bring!!....

      • Errr occurring when I click on link to answers I'm following....

        Errr occurring when I click on link to answers I'm following....

        5 years ago

        Hi, I'm not sure if it's a problem on my computer or with HubPages. When I click on an emailed link to take me to answers that I'm following, it tells me that an error has occurred and that there is a problem with the...

      • Editing hubs....

        Editing hubs....

        5 years ago

        I'm thinking editing some of my older hubs and just wanted to ask how other people go about this. Do you unpublish, edit then republish or do you edit whilst your hub is still published. I'm not the fastest worker and...

      • Going away.....

        Going away.....

        6 years ago

        I'm going away for a few days soon and I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to pop into HubPages...I've been really enjoying spending time here and the thought of not being able to check in is giving me the jitters and...

      • What pushes up page views on unpublshed hubs?

        What pushes up page views on unpublshed hubs?

        6 years ago

        Hi, I think I'm correct in saying that page views are totted up whilst editing an unpublished hub, this morning I was working on a new hub and had to stop, so I saved it unpublished and left the site. Now I've gone back...

      • My dogs are sulking.....

        My dogs are sulking.....

        6 years ago

        Out of our three dogs, one is sick - on the mend - loves me because she's being fed chicken and rice at the moment, but hating me for having to give her medicine twice daily. So she is definitely sulkingThe other dogs...

      • How do you decide who to follow?

        How do you decide who to follow?

        6 years ago

        I'm relatively new to HubPages and would like to know how other Hubbers approach to following fellow Hubbers. At the moment I tend only to follow people whose work I've browsed through and I find of interest, is this...

      • Has anyone elses day gone as planned?

        Has anyone elses day gone as planned?

        6 years ago

        I got up this morning,thinking that we (the family) could spend some time together as no school or work today.... By the time this mornings shopping had been done, my husband had informed me that he's out to watch...

      • What are your favourite winter comfort foods?

        What are your favourite winter comfort foods?

        6 years ago

        Winters not far off now - where I live at least. It's the time of year to enjoy some warming comfort foods... I'm looking forward to beef and beer pie with suet pastry, roast potatoes, veg and a nice thick beefy gravy...

      • Favourite feel good songs...

        Favourite feel good songs...

        6 years ago

        I was wondering what songs make people feel good and why? One of my favourite feel good songs is Mr.Bojangles by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I know it's a weird one as it's about a man who likes to dance and his dog and...