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HI! My name is Bryce Bond. I had a 10 year addiction to opiates and painkillers, and I know too well from personal experience that when opiate dependent individuals seek help with addiction, the options they face are pretty bleak.

After 10 years of trying to break the dependency with traditional methods that proved ineffective, I made a major decision to find a system that worked for me.

I researched and investigated every possible avenue of recovery. I was very determined in my quest for a method to find a way out of opiate dependency.

I wanted to find a way for an effortless opiate withdrawal that could be done inexpensively and at home. I wanted to be able to do it on my own schedule, to hold a job and not have to worry about running out of medication, begging for prescriptions, or worse.

My years of research to find an answer led me to various methods of detoxing. I decided the best way to find a solution to my addiction, was to become a guinea pig and test the methods I discovered on myself. I finally came across a little-known and highly effective protocol which completely cured me of my addiction.

Using this protocol, I spent five years perfecting a system. The result was an inexpensive, easy to follow, and smooth detox, where I did not experience any traditional symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal.

If you'd like more information about my 146-Page Special Report entitled "Effortless Opiate Withdrawal: How to Get Instant Relief without Cravings, Doctors or Prescription Drugs"...


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