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Amy Williams is an Apartment Locator with J. Ellis and has been servicing the Dallas Fort Worth area with free Apartment finding services for over 15 years.

In addition to spending time offering this service, Amy Williams is also an avid writer who has penned dozens of articles, the content of over 20 entire websites, and hundreds of pages Online.

As a native Dallas resident, her particular area of expertise includes anything related to living in DFW. One niche' in particular that is a favorite area for Ms. Williams includes helping renters who are pet owners. As a pet owner herself, she understands the frustration that so many Dallas renters face when trying to locate a property for lease that is pet-friendly. This is especially true if you have more than 2 pets, or if your pet weighs over 50 pounds, or if you have a pet that is black-listed by many communities because they consider it an "aggressive breed" of dog.

Thankfully, 15 years of experience providing apartment locating services in Dallas means that Ms. Williams knows each and every property in DFW that is pet-friendly, including those which are more flexible with dog breeds.

"So many pets are given up for adoption or even outright abandoned by owners who believe they cannot take them with them into any apartment. Sadly, many of these pets end up euthanized every year. First of all, I don't believe that a person deserves to own a pet if they would give them up because of a rental. Abandonment should never be an option that you would even consider. Apartments come and apartments go. Never desert a living creature just because of an apartment! Instead of giving up, call an Apartment Locator who is experienced with working with these banned breeds. If you wont do that, then consider renting a house instead, by an individual home owner. Can't afford to rent a house? Find a roommate. But don't give up your four legged little one. He or she is dependant on you for their lives. You agreed to take on a responsibility when you got the pet. Never abandon this living creature just because some apartments don't like them." - Amy Williams

Renters who are looking for an apartment, townhome, midrise, highrise, or loft in DFW contact Amy via her website for assistance. There on her web page they can fill out a form detailing exactly what kind of rental property they are looking for, what price range they need, what amenities, and when they need to move. This is such a needed service because there are currently over 4,000 communities that offer homes for lease in Dallas/Fort Worth. Trying to sort through them is like looking for a needle in a Texas haystack! To save time and trouble, and only spend time investigating the most desirable apartments that most closely match what the renter is needing, Amy Williams puts together a custom list of the top properties and emails it to the renter along with pictures, floorplans, maps and all the inside information. As mentioned, this is a FREE service for individuals needing to move within the DFW geographical area.

Besides spending her time writing, providing free Apartment Locating services, and helping pet owners, Ms. Williams also is obsessed with healthy cooking and is currently in the process of writing a cookbook. In addition, she volunteers her time as a Bible Teacher.

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