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Born november 1972, since high school mainly worked in tourism & leisure.

Lived in France with Arno for 13 years. (1998-2011). We have 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls. My husband also has 2 kids from a former marriage.

Since october 2010 I am Co-founder and Ceo Finance & PR of DIR-ACT (www.dir-act.com) and responsible for the online platform and the ideas and features behind it.

Since may 2011 I am also owner of Front2Back - Hospitality & Hostess Services. (www.front2back.nl)

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  • Poems: Lonely hours

    Poems: Lonely hours

    6 years ago

    Watching the clock leaving time behind Aware of the little noises surrounding me I cannot sleep, I cannot rest thoughts, memories ands old dreams racing through my mind This is when I feel lonely and...

  • The thing about humans.

    The thing about humans.

    7 years ago

    A poem from Madelon Janssen.

  • Poems: you make me smile

    Poems: you make me smile

    4 years ago

    a thought for you a smile I wonder what you do what you think See your face before mine feel your heartbeat like I feel mine enjoy the moment embrace the day let love guide you like it guides me...

  • More month than money.

    More month than money.

    4 years ago

    From December 2005 until April 2010 we have lived of the child support we receive every month from the French goverment. Being a large family, at that time we had five kids (from 5 months to 7 years) this is about 800...

  • Poems: Take a different road

    Poems: Take a different road

    6 years ago

    Waking up this morning  with a smile  with a happy feeling  a new road is visible  a new road ready to be walked I take my chance  my family in my hands together forward towards a new life a...

  • Being a mom of seven children.

    Being a mom of seven children.

    7 years ago

    We have a big household. There is me and Arno (my husband) and our 7 children; Don, Bo, Diego, Dillon, Xander, Alena and Elyze. We also have Bas living with us, a friend of the family. Our youngest (elyze) is 5,...

  • Arno Janssen Sing-and Songwriter

    Arno Janssen Sing-and Songwriter

    6 years ago

    Arno Janssen is a sing- and songwriter from the Netherlands. He has writen some really good songs. Some of them can be listened to at Youtube: Arnosspot.

  • Working and living on a campsite

    Working and living on a campsite

    4 years ago

    It´s not a job, it´s a way of life to work on and own a campsite. You are responsible for all jobs on site; either you do it yourself or you assign someone to the job. But you are the one who they turn to when things...

  • Drawing Eyes

    Drawing Eyes

    6 years ago

    All about blue eyes

  • The making of the promotion-video for the

    The making of the promotion-video for the "one more time" reunion of the Dutch Rock&Roll band "Jumping Jukebox".

    7 years ago

    Jumping Jukebox, the Rock&Roll band my husband use to play in before we moved to France was reunited "one more time". We arranged a podium in a bar in the hometown of the band, called the newspaper for a announcement...

  • A Dutch family in France

    A Dutch family in France

    7 years ago

    12 December 1997, I´m 32 weeks pregnant of my first son (great planning) and we move from the Netherlands to France. We just bought a campsite and are going to live our dream. 160 plots with 3 mobile homes...

  • MAD ART from Parlemours

    MAD ART from Parlemours

    6 years ago

    Ever since I was a little girl I loved to draw and paint. While living my life I lost track of my creative side. Untill this year. With my drawing pad and pen I´ve starting drawing again. I particapated in some...

  • Camping Les Trois Sources

    Camping Les Trois Sources

    4 years ago

    Campsite Les Trois Sources is situated in the Lot, a department in the region of Midi-Pyrenees. The campsite is open from april untill october every year. And in one season there are thousands of guests at our four...

  • New worldwide initiative for artists.

    New worldwide initiative for artists.

    4 years ago

    DIR-ACT is not an advertising site, but an online booking system for the music and entertainment industry. Everyone who performs: bands, singers, dj´s, dancers, clown´s, magicians, stand-up-comedians, stilt walkers,...

  • DIR-ACT - Musicians & Artists online

    DIR-ACT - Musicians & Artists online

    7 years ago

    A solutions for artists to promote themselves worldwide. A way to get bookings and make money with performing: DIR-ACT - your act online.