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Most of us have very different reasons for getting into DJ'n in SL for me it started as and continues to be about the MUSIC! I have been introduced over the years to several bands New to me, as I generally dont' listen to the radio per se...prefer the tunes & NOT the political OP ed that most radio hosts can't seem to resist delving into in between tunes!

I started DJ'n in SL as a country DJ...drifted into classic rock and metal..found the Blues..fell in & stayed there..I love all genres of blues from the old "Scratchies" the truest history of the BLUES! To the current contemporary! I try to do a Mix of Both..I spin early mornings because I tend to catch those in the US getting ready for work RL..waking up with some Blues to go with their coffee. I also get alot of the Euro and UK crowd..so at least for ME it works great..and I am done in or around the same time as my Hubby with the things he is doing RL!

It always was about the music..but finding that it could be useful in my RL..was rather a surprise..It has brought me to friends from other countries that being a shut in I'd not have otherwise met.. It has also shown me that I can make a very Modest earning at it.. there is NO crime in enjoying your job..I have heard plenty of DJ's inworld that do it for the love of..and sometimes kinda make me feel a lil bad for tryin to make a living at it..I have had plenty of ppl get in my IM and tell me that they are sorry they couldn't tip more..it's NOT ALL about the tips and I tell them as much..were it Not for them..I'd not have a place anywhere in SL they are the ones that inspire me to be a good DJ..The research.. The feeling of the room!..Sometimes we can all have days when we are a Lil off!! The family at Fogbound do Not make me feel badly..they actually don't mind if the DJ isn't just talkin to fill empty space or empty chat box in local.. They all make me feel great and I couldn't do it without them!!! Thank You Foglings!!


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    Larai's Second Life!

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    A bit about how I came to be IN Second Life & it's possibilities for learning & meeting very cool people from all over the world. Learning a trade that can be extended to a Real Life career. Enjoy!