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Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet

Joined 9 years ago from East Coast, United States. Last activity 9 days ago.




Also follow me on:

Dolores Monet has published short fiction under another name in literary magazines as well as in the children's magazine, Cricket. She also has a blog that features creative tips on how to live a fabulous life under reduced circumstances called sorta fabulous. You can check this out by clicking the gray icon on the right of the page.

In addition to writing, Dolores likes to garden, birdwatch, camp, read, make soap, and paint landscapes on salvaged cabinet doors.

She has worked as an assistant to an antiques dealer who specialized in Victorian antiques, and vintage clothing; as a personal assistant and gardener; lab assistant; and has been involved in several community organizations, serving as board member and committee chair.

Dolores has also appeared as a guest in Eye On Life Magazine and as a guest writer for ArtisTreeCrafts.

Dolores features some of her short fiction here on Hubpages, including My Grandmother's Attic, Paradise Lost, and Visiting the Forgotten Dead.

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    • Deleting Comments

      Deleting Comments

      2 years ago

      Since HP suggests that we delete irrelevant comments, I have been attempting to do so. My problem is that I may have a short string of comments, but answer the comments all in one comment capsule. For instance, I may...

    • Rear Ended Hubs

      Rear Ended Hubs

      2 years ago

      Glancing at several of my hubs, I have seen way too many related hubs featuring pictures of people's rear ends. One of my hubs, about an historic area of Baltimore shows 2 pictures of posteriors. The hubs are about...

    • Odd copycats

      Odd copycats

      3 years ago

      I have been looking for copies of my hubs by placing the first line of my hub in quotes in the Google search bar. Most of the results feature the single line, then content that has nothing to do with the topic. I also...

    • RESOLVED: blank image capsule

      RESOLVED: blank image capsule

      4 years ago

      There are several large black squares where images should be on my latest hub. Not all the images are blank like this. I checked some other people's hubs and see the same thing. Anyone else seeing this or is it just me....

    • deleted hub

      deleted hub

      5 years ago

      If I delete a hub because it has had no traffic and because it is an older one that wasn't really any good anyway, do I do something else do deindex it on Google?

    • Fashion hubs - format changes, traffic, and ads.

      Fashion hubs - format changes, traffic, and ads.

      6 years ago

      Several weeks ago there was a big flap about changes to the fashion hubs. HP responded to the concerns of hubbers and, again, changed the layout. Looking at my historical fashion hubs, I see Google ads, but no HP ads....

    • Problem with broken links

      Problem with broken links

      6 years ago

      I have what appears to be way too many broken links - the links are to my own hubs. Testing the links, I see that the little link thingy on the accounts page seems to be off, as those hubs are still there. Anyone else...

    • Hub photo displayed on profile and facebook

      Hub photo displayed on profile and facebook

      6 years ago

      I'd love to be able to choose my own photo to be used when hubs are displayed on my profile and on a Facebook link. The first image I use is not always my favorite, often one from wikimedia commons that appears first...

    • Your work stolen - your DCMA made public

      Your work stolen - your DCMA made public

      6 years ago

      If you find that one of your hubs has been copied online, you can file a DMCA notice with Google and have the infringing material taken down. A site called Chilling Effects, a legal site, publishes the take down notices...

    • Anyone installed Google + 1 ?

      Anyone installed Google + 1 ?

      7 years ago

      Reading about the Google + 1 button you can install, I was wondering if any of you have tried it and if you feel as if it is a useful feature. Being technologically impaired, it would take some time to figure the thing...

    • Can Not Load Images

      Can Not Load Images

      7 years ago

      I can not load images into older hubs, or a new unpublished hub. Someone suggested that I may have too many pixels so I reduced pixels to under 520. I have tried to add my own photos as well as pictures off the...

    • Trouble loading photograph

      Trouble loading photograph

      7 years ago

      For the past 2 days, I get an error message when I try to upload my own photos, pictures that I took on my camera when updating an older hub.  Never had this problem before. Has something changed ?

    • Should we dump internal links to placate the Panda?

      Should we dump internal links to placate the Panda?

      7 years ago

      The new Google Panda update has hurt sites than contain internal links. I have a lot of these, to my own hubs in the same niche. Would it be a good idea to get rid of these?Personally, I like internal links when they...

    • Help! There is a big gap in my new hub!

      Help! There is a big gap in my new hub!

      7 years ago

      Just published a new hub and there is a big fat gap in the whole thing. I tried to move the next capsule up with the arrow but no help. And the hole is not filled with an looks awful and I was so happy with it....

    • Question About Blocked URL ?

      Question About Blocked URL ?

      7 years ago

      I noticed in the site diagnosis section of my Google Adsense Reports that I have several blocked URLs. Most of the blocked URLs contain this: q = cache. What does this mean? I am not well versed in internet terminology...

    • Google Adsense and taxes

      Google Adsense and taxes

      7 years ago

      Well it's all good that I have earned enough money on Adsense, I will now have to pay taxes. Where can I find simplified information on US income taxes and/or social security taxes? Do I receive a form from Google? Do I...

    • Weird Comments - Accept or Deny

      Weird Comments - Accept or Deny

      7 years ago

      How about sharing your weirdest comments? I've had quite a few, some I keep and others I delete.I just deleted one comment that was an entire conversation between several people about a totally unrelated topic. They...

    • What are those numbers in the comments section?

      What are those numbers in the comments section?

      7 years ago

      In the comments section, just below the box for accept or deny, I see 2 letters and a bunch of numbers. What is that? (I've been here for almost two years and never noticed them before. Dolores is quite unobservant)

    • Affiliate settings Google Adsense report seems wrong. Or is it just me

      Affiliate settings Google Adsense report seems wrong. Or is it just me

      7 years ago

      When I check my Affiliate settings for Google Adsense, I usually see that they hold some money in my account. When I get paid, there is always some left. Today, I checked, and it seems as if the only money in my account...

    • Trading links

      Trading links

      7 years ago

      I have read that trading links with people who have similar, helpful sites is a good idea. And conversely, that Google frowns on such trading. Which is it!

    • Is something wrong with HP's edit mode?

      Is something wrong with HP's edit mode?

      7 years ago

      While attempting to refresh some of my  hubs, I've been having some problems. First, half the hub seemed to have disappeared. Sometimes, when I hit the edit tab on a capsule, I get shot to the top of the hub and am...

    • A question about having an alternative hub persona?

      A question about having an alternative hub persona?

      7 years ago

      Hi folks! I am thinking about establishing another hub persona in order to sell stuff. As I have 140 hubs now, and it's getting a bit cluttered, I'd like to stick to informational hubs on my regular hubs, but use the...

    • Do long comments detract from a hub?

      Do long comments detract from a hub?

      7 years ago

      I got a comment that is longer than the whole screen. Does an overly long comment detract from a hub? This one does contain pertinent opinion, but sheesh, way over done.

    • New Image Feature Problem

      New Image Feature Problem

      7 years ago

      While putting up some photos on a hub I am working on, everything working just fine, had uploaded several pix, then suddenly was unable to upload any more. The stuff that is supposed to be on the left was just not...

    • A Great Movie that you hated but everybody else loved:

      A Great Movie that you hated but everybody else loved:

      7 years ago

      Movie critics, as well as regular people hold certain movies to be great. All your friends loved it. You think  to yourself, 'I hated it.' And wonder if maybe you just missed something important. Citizen Kane is...

    • My faith in America has been restored.

      My faith in America has been restored.

      7 years ago

      Prince Poppycock has been voted into the top 4 finalists on America's Got Talent!

    • How to get people to sign up for HubPages on my profile

      How to get people to sign up for HubPages on my profile

      5 years ago

      Okay, I've been here for quite some time and done quite well but still don't understand a lot. I want to put in a referral thingy on my profile - one of those 'sign up for Hubpages here' referral trackers. I see where...

    • Excessive Cursing in Video Capsules

      Excessive Cursing in Video Capsules

      7 years ago

      I was thinking about creating a hub featuring my favorite youtube videos, but several of them are full of inappropriate words. Way inappropriate. Most of the cursing is humerous, hysterical, if you ask me.Now, would...


      7 years ago

      Does anyone used for back links? If so, what do you think of the site?

    • Problems with editing and comments

      Problems with editing and comments

      7 years ago

      Hi fellow hubbers! Is anyone having a problem accepting comments, or editing hubs? I am. I am stuck in edit mode on one hub, can't get out, can't edit. Help!

    • World Cup Soccer

      World Cup Soccer

      8 years ago

      Is anyone being slowly driven insane by that infernal buzzing of the South African horns? It sounds like the approach of a huge swarm of noisy bees.

    • wikinut


      6 years ago

      Has anyone ever heard of wikinut? It's a revenue sharing site for online articles. I got an email from them. How did they come to email me? Who are they and what do they want. Anyone have any experience with them? Is...

    • How about a HubPages mailbag!

      How about a HubPages mailbag!

      8 years ago

      Sometimes, hubbers would like to discretely contact another hubber. I have had several emails from hubbers. If I 'know' the hubber, I have no problem opening the email. But if the person is unknown to me or new on...

    • Facebook and Twitter Application on New Hubs

      Facebook and Twitter Application on New Hubs

      8 years ago

      Hi! I just published a new hub but did not see the Facebook or Twitter thingy pop up for a quick link to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Has Hubpages done away with this?

    • Adsence ads

      Adsence ads

      8 years ago

      Can I choose ads that Google displays on my hub? I have published hubs that show ads that have little or nothing to do with the topic, yet I know appropriate ads are out there.

    • limiting number of posted comments

      limiting number of posted comments

      8 years ago

      One of my hubs has gotten a lot of comments to the point where it seemed like clutter. So I went into the comments capsule and limited the number of displayed comments. Now, if I get a new comment, it doesn't show up....

    • Incoming links and asterisks.

      Incoming links and asterisks.

      8 years ago

      Hi everyone! When checking my hubmetrics, I noticed that several hubs that I know have incoming links from facebook, ezines, etc. often show maybe 2 asterisks when I know they have more. I have established quality links...

    • The Big Snow

      The Big Snow

      8 years ago

      I can't get on Facebook, can't check my email elsewhere - is it because everybody on the East Coast is posting their snow pictures or what? Sheesh!

    • Can you have too many comments?

      Can you have too many comments?

      8 years ago

      Will having too many comments posted on a hub be a cause for concern? Could too many comments make a hub less google worthy? I have one hub with over 200 and that seems excessive.

    • Hub groups

      Hub groups

      8 years ago

      When checking my hub groups, I noticed that one of my hubs was not there - not in a group, not in the orphaned hub spot. I do not understand. What can I do?

    • Kindle


      7 years ago

      This past Christmas, Kindle sales were huge at Amazon. If we are Amazon affiliates, are we able to sell Kindle books via a hubpage?

    • Can zombies swim?

      Can zombies swim?

      8 years ago

      Can zombies swim? What with the threat of zombies these days, I just had to wonder if you could escape a zombie attack by jumping into a large body of water.

    • video capsule

      video capsule

      8 years ago

      Is anyone having trouble with the video capsule? I just can't get a thing to work. It won't copy or paste the URL! Help!

    • Photo Capsule

      Photo Capsule

      8 years ago

      Is anyone having trouble getting photos up on the photo capsules? I am.

    • Thanksgiving food traditions

      Thanksgiving food traditions

      8 years ago

      Do you have a special food item that you serve (or like to eat) at Thanksgiving? Let's share some of our personal Thanksgiving eats!

    • Thumbs up or thumbs down

      Thumbs up or thumbs down

      8 years ago

      Is there any way to tell if a particular hub has received any thumbs up or thumbs down, and if so, how many? I've been here long enough, I should know these things. But I don't.

    • Halloween Costumes

      Halloween Costumes

      8 years ago

      So, what are hubbers wearing for Halloween this year?

    • Questions


      8 years ago

      Someone asked me a question that I really can't write a whole hub about, but the space below the question says - closed to answers. Do I just ignore the asker? If I email her, won't I expose my email to a stranger?

    • Your comments

      Your comments

      8 years ago

      What is the worst thing you've been called by a commenter on one of your hubs? What is the most ridiculous insult hurled at you by a commenter?

    • Problem with hubpage in edit

      Problem with hubpage in edit

      8 years ago

      Help - I was editing a hub and half the hub is normal while the top half is all faded. I can't do anything, clicking the edit tab has no effect. It doesn't seem to be my computer, everything else is working fine.

    • comments


      8 years ago

      When I type in the comments box on my hubs, they keep disappearing as I write. Is it just me? Never had this before.

    • Hub stalker

      Hub stalker

      8 years ago

      I have had a visitor to a hub leaving comments that argue with my take on a topic. That's fine, in fact, can make it all the more interesting. But the hub was a warning to young women about dangerous guys. He keeps...

    • 100 Hubscore

      100 Hubscore

      8 years ago

      WHOOPEE! I just found out that my Hubscore is 100! It was 100 earlier, then went down to 99, and now is 100 again. Maybe for just a little while, but I am so excited! Thank you all, fans, and the other gernerous people...

    • Hub titles

      Hub titles

      8 years ago

      If I have saved a hub that I am currently working on as unpublished, can I change the title?

    • Over 10,000 Views!

      Over 10,000 Views!

      8 years ago

      I've been away from the computer and just returned to find that I've had over 10,000 views! Whoopee!

    • comments


      9 years ago

      I had several comments on one hub that I had not checked and wanted to answer them individually but they had piled up. Is there any way to shift the comments around so that I may address folks one at a time.

    • problem with link?

      problem with link?

      9 years ago

      When I added a link, text appeared beside it stating 'this website for sale' and of course it was not, it is a support organization. I tried to edit it but could not. I tried to X it out but it would not go. I want to...