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Dorothy W. Parker, PhD. Biography:

Born February 6, Finished high school in the 11th grade, became a minister in 1981, was requested to meet with President Ronald Reagan in 1987 along with 199 other national ministers to be briefed about foreign and domestic issues concerning the United States. Joined the United States Army in 1993 during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, was honorably discharged in 1993. Traveled the United States and Africa from 1993 -2003; Dr. Dorothy W. Parker holds a Ph.D. in religious philosophy from the International Bible College and Seminary. She has also attended Strayer College and the Sure Foundation Theological Seminary. she is presently attending AMU (American Military University) I am majoring in Socioolgy.

Dr. Parker is the author of Divine Acceptance, it was written from Dr. Parker’s own life experience in organize religion. After 40 plus years teaching, preaching and adhering to the dogma and doctrine of the system it no longer resonated within me.

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