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Hello Squidoo friends, I'd like to welcome you to my page and I hope that I will be able to provide you with a substantial amount of helpful information. I have a couple of passions. One is health on multiple levels. As a doctor of chiropractic with 30 years of clinical expertise, I hope I can offer some insight to health issues that may be of concern to you. My other passion is helping folks market their businesses online. Many traditional businesses don't realize that they must move to the internet to survive and thrive. There are many online businesses that don't know how to proceed with marketing their online business. I have built an elite team and partnered with one of the most well-known insider businessmen in the country. Keep watching to see who shows up. I hope to help with key success short cuts to financial success for both. You can find me on my blogs almost daily for info and tips that will improve and prolong your life.

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  • Water is Not Just Water

    Water is Not Just Water

    5 years ago

    Have You Made the Mistake Thinking That Water is Just Water? This is your personal invitation to learn more about the water and sodas you are drinking. Someone took the time to introduce me to healthy, hexagonal,...