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Ripped jeans? Check! Studded belt? Check! Twin Bass Drum Kit? Check! Drumsticks tucked in hi tops? Check! MULLET? CHECK!!!

Yes, I'm a rock drummer!

This was me, photo taken circa late 1989 or early 1990. Today not much remains (the kit was a loaner, the jeans eventually fell apart, the drumsticks were most likely broken while rocking out, and the mullet is but a distant memory) but I still enjoy drumming. And while I am the first to admit I am a competent drummer and have never been a brilliant drummer, I have taught others how to play drums, and after showing them the basics and pointing them in the right direction, I'm not ashamed to say that within a few years they can wipe the floor with me when it comes to drumming skills.

Soon I'll be sharing those lessons on here, and I look forward to a whole new generation of drumming enthusiasts who will learn and then excel, and I'll be content in the knowledge that I was there as a start point on their musical journey.

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  • Timpani


    7 years ago

    The most important drum in the symphony orchestra is the timpani, kettledrum, or tympanum, a single-skinned drum tuned to a specific pitch. It is made of a large, bowl-shaped copper "kettle," and the tension of the...

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    Drum Tutorial Lesson 7

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    Drum Tutorial Lesson 6

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    Drum Tutorial Lesson 2

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  • Drum Tutorial Lesson 1

    Drum Tutorial Lesson 1

    8 years ago

    The following is not an official standard or an approved way to transcribe drum music. But it is the best way that I can think of for a beginner to understand the parts of the drum kit and what to hit and when. In the...