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Hello world. I'm John and these are my Lenses! I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in Natural Resources, a CompTIA A+ Certification in IT and am working on a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. I love to read everything from comic books to classical literature. I enjoy watching movies with my wife and friends. We make fun of the bad ones (ala Mystery Science Theater 3000, minus the puppet robots) too! In fact, I have a Riff uploaded to Rifftrax.com for the movie "Unbreakable" that you can check out. I also love playing video games and table-top games (like D&D, board games, puzzles, chess etc). I like history, science, science fiction, music (all kinds except for heavy metal and the really weird stuff), foods from other countries and lots of other things. I love Squidoo! There are so many things I could make lenses for I hardly know where to start! So I started with one of my many hobbies that I am most active in now: Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Battles or DDM Guild. Check it out!

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  • the enfield chimera

    the enfield chimera

    7 years ago

    You know griffins, and basilisks, and cockatrices...but do you recall, the least famous chimera of all? The enfield? One of the least known chimeras, the enfield is a mythological beast most commonly (when seen at all)...