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Earl Noah Bernsby profile image

Earl Noah Bernsby

Joined 6 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




Also follow me on:

Your friendly neighborhood Hubber!!

A jack-of-all-trades with many interests, I've got my fingers in a lot of pies. I've got a specially made Hollywood Square of grindstone with my nose imprint on it, and my car radio is always tuned to the nearest grapevine. I stand up for the little guy ... when he can't reach the top shelf.

Owing to the blue steel work ethic that was instilled in me by my father — and my father's father — coupled with the discerning aristocratic tastes I inherited from Mom, I've got a unique perspective of the working class (thanks to the view from my penthouse suite and a sturdy pair of binoculars).

On a more serious note: I firmly believe that whatever one person can do, another can do. Additionally, I have a deep abiding love of knowledge and insatiable curiosity. When I encounter a subject of interest to me, I read about it. Afterwards, I write about it!

You will find articles here regarding a wide varied of topics, including history, coin collecting, science, theology, musical instruments, sports, mathematics, personal finance and more! Occassionally, I even weigh in on political and social issues with an editorial (such opinionated pieces are clearly indicated by a disclaimer at the top of the first page of the article in question). And once in a great while, I even try my hand at creative writing.

To you, dear reader, I make this solemn pledge: I will neither recommend a book that I have not read, nor endorse any other product that I do not believe in. Furthermore, when I publish a work of non-fiction — whether it be an op-ed, a how-to-guide, or a research essay — know that I have done my utmost to present accurate and useful content that readers will find to be a source of enrichment, and not just a 500+ keyword trap designed to generate "clicks."

That said, I do participate in various affiliate programs, so when you see me recommending products, chances are I get paid a commission when folks buy those products after linking to retailers from my site! But I have complete control over what I choose to endorse, so never fear that I will steer you towards something that I don't believe is worthwhile. An exception to this rule concerns my participation in Google AdSense and the HubPages Earning Program. The nature of these two "ad-driven" applications is such that a variety of advertisers bid at auction in order to obtain the rights to place their advertisements on HubPages — i.e., the highest bidder "wins" the right to place ads. As such, I do not decide which peripheral advertisements appear in my articles, so please keep that in mind.

In any case: happy reading!


(Note: To send me an email, simply click on the "Fan mail" button and then select the "Email" option that appears!)

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