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A daunting task that of writing about who I am. One of the reasons is that I still haven't figured out who I am, and I doubt I will be able to in a lifetime. I have an idea or two of whom I might be (or better to say have been) but since those ideas seem to be subject to change over the years, I can't count them as reliable, so I am still wondering in the dark...trying to find a way to the "I" and "be". There are though some core beliefs and values that have pretty much stayed the same from the moment I (whatever that is) learned to exercise (or so I hope) what is described as "thinking", which I try to live by and those are good-heartedness and moral integrity. As everything boils down to definitions and mine might not necessarily be equal to yours about the same words, if u are curious, ask away. I will answer the best way I can.

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