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Not only did I jump out of airplanes, I pushed other people out. I ran four marathons and have been to the top of a mountain in the Alps. I did business in 10 countries across three continents. I can fix a computer, build a deck, create a website, and tell a really good space robot story to kids. I carried loaded rifles through the streets of foreign cities. I can teach you how to deliver a great presentation, keep your pool clean, and get your Blackberry or iPhone to do what you want it to. And I'll share some of that here.

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  • Inground pool care the cheap and easy way

    Inground pool care the cheap and easy way

    3 years ago

    Too many pool owners spend hours every week (if not every day!) working on their pools to keep them clean and sparkling. In fact, they probably spend more time working on their pools than they do swimming in them! That...

  • An Easy Facebook Guide For New Users

    An Easy Facebook Guide For New Users

    3 years ago

    So you're finally on Facebook! Now what? What's the difference between a Group, a Network, and a Fan Page? What's an Application? What does it mean when you write on someone's Wall? This guide will explain Facebook so...