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Hello internet lovers! I gladly introduce myself as El BartoX. I write about a huge variety of stuff, mainly targeting the most interesting news as well as presenting you intersting topics to help you on having a better understanding of the world we live. I hope you can have a good time with my articles and gain more knowledge that might come you in handy in the future!

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  • Are you what you wanna be tomorrow?

    Are you what you wanna be tomorrow?

    9 months ago

    Youth is incredible! You're having the time of your life without interest about what will come when suddenly, time has passed and you need a plan on what to do next. But is this really important ?

  • Robots replacing humans?

    Robots replacing humans?

    9 months ago

    I think many of you agree with me that technology is advancing at a tremendous speed. But it has come to a point where it might even replace ordinary people in jobs! What´s happening here?