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Elizabeth-Snow profile image

Elizabeth Snow (Elizabeth-Snow)

Joined 2 years ago from Tennessee




Also follow me on:

I'm a full time mom to 4 amazing kids and wife to a wonderful husband who serves as a Sheriff's Deputy.

Taking care of my family is most important to me above all else.
I'm far from perfect, I make mistakes but I do my best to get back up on that horse and do better every day.

Christian Faith, Cooking, Baking, Parenting and everything related to just being mom is what I hope to focus on in my writings.

I have moved a lot from place to place and home to home ever since I was young. I was born in Nevada where I lived until I was 14. I have lived in California very briefly. Visited Arizona often. I've been to Montana. Moved from Vegas and lived in Texas for about 10 years. Lived in Michigan for a while before moving to Oregon. My family and I stayed there for a few years before finally moving to Tennessee where we have been for the past couple of years now. There is a chance that we will soon be moving states again and we pray that this move will in fact be our last! WHEW!

I've always had a passion for writing and look to encourage others by using that passion.

My goal is to encourage parents to keep going and not give up and to not stress about that newly added crayon or pen mark to your wall that your 3 year old proudly scribbled!

My goal is to encourage people seeking Christ to keep seeking Him. If you are just discovering who Jesus is, or have doubts, I hope to help and pray that by God's grace the articles I write concerning that topic will aid you in that search and keep you going.

If you're new at cooking and baking, I hope through my articles you discover simple, easy to use ideas! I love Pinterest and plan to use that as an avenue to post up things related to my articles.

For my cooking, the idea is to use recipes found on Pinterest and try them out and if they do or don't work, I will write about those recipes with my finding results and only post the best ones to Pinterest. This part excites me most of all since cooking for my family and creating amazing meals they all enjoy brings a smile to my face every time. I also intend to include some of my own personal recipes that never fail to please the clan!

There are other topics I also intend to write about and will from time to time include life lessons derived from own personal experiences. Sometimes I may just ramble on and write articles made up purely of just my own thoughts.

I am a very open and honest person, sometimes too honest but I believe in transparency and being the best YOU. I also believe if I'm not having such a great day that I would be doing myself and those around me an injustice by lying rather than letting them know I'm not okay.

So, that's just about all there is to say about who I am for now!

Yes, my Pinterest is empty right now! I created it specifically for the purpose of adding in things related to the future articles created here.

I Love:

God, My family, Pirates and Ships, Tattoos, Star Wars, Video Games, Fantasy Films like Lord of the Rings, Goth and Steam Punk, Summer, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Being Me!
These are just a few extra things that I really enjoy that make up who I am. Who knows, maybe I'll touch base on some of these things in my articles!

I am also Pro-Gun and Pro-Life and am against forced vaccines.

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  • Religion and Philosophy (2)
  • What's In Your Hand?

    What's In Your Hand?

    2 years ago

    Do you ever find yourself wondering what it is you were meant to do in this life? Do you ever second guess your talents and abilities and think to yourself "If only I had that person's gift instead."

  • What Is The Salt of the Covenant? Leviticus 2:13

    What Is The Salt of the Covenant? Leviticus 2:13

    2 years ago

    God told the Israelites to add salt to all offerings, but why? Salt is used for many purposes in recipes but at a closer look, God was using the salt as a means to teach something very important.