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(aka Ellen)...grandma, retired 1st grade teacher, boomer health enthusiast, writer, photographer, gardener, camper, hiker, cat lover, and absolutely love HubPages--I'm new at this but love to share the things that bring me joy. . More about me on my "About Me" lens: who-is-one4nell

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  • Who is Ellen Mitchell?

    Who is Ellen Mitchell?

    21 months ago

    Ellen Mitchell--baby boomer, writer, photographer, health and longevity enthusiast. Ellen writes on many topics about which she is passionate. Topping the list, she enjoys topics about abundant living, health and...

  • Yosemite National Park--The Prettiest Place On The Earth

    Yosemite National Park--The Prettiest Place On The Earth

    20 months ago

    A photo visit to Yosemite National Park with narration from a Yosemite enthusiast who has been visiting the park since 1946 as an infant--now a grandma who shares her love for the park with posterity.