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Freelance Copywriter:

Your audience gets more than 5,000 ads a day. Blink and they'll miss yours. When they see you, you have to keep them right there.

You get seconds to capture your target market so you can convince them to "date" you.

Can I be real? There's a lot of noise out there...but that's okay because you bring something nobody else can.

Your future die-hard fans want to know why they should give you their precious time (and money), or they're on to the next thing (quickly...'cause they have things to do).

​Your audience wants to know you "get them" and you have what it takes to be in a relationship...you're the answer to a problem.

I create copy that hooks your target market and converts them to loyal customers.

​I research your company, your competition, and your ideal customers so we can reach them and bring them to you.

​Your target market wants to be unique and interesting, attractive and relevant. How do you make that happen?

They want to discover what's special about your beauty brand or your newest product. Then be first to brag about it to their social circle as THE product to own.

​Whether it's an email campaign, social media post, newsletter, article, press release, sales page, blog post, or a combination of services, I meet and exceed your company's copywriting needs.

I want to see you win. I love getting results for you. My dedication and drive helps you reach your goals and make you a happy client.

I provide you with personal copywriting service unique to your needs. I help you make loyal customers that'll never want to leave you.


Erika Lynne Campbell is passionate about the power of the female spirit and all things women love. She writes about beauty brands, beauty industry news, and topics concerning the female gender, both serious and lighthearted, always inspiring.

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