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Now that you are reading this, I have a very short amount of time and relatively limited space to utilize for the purpose of convincing you that I am someone worth listening to. That my words will benefit you in some way. In short, this little section is supposed to be where I deliver my autobiographical sales pitch.

My writing is not always helpful. It is not always correct or well thought out or inspirational or useful or even very entertaining. Terrible sales pitch, I know.

Writing, for me, is a necessity. Something I have to do. Not because I always enjoy it or even that I consider myself particularly remarkable at it. I do it because if I don’t I am lost.

Writing is therapy.

It is how I muck through my thoughts and sift through the mess. Writing is conflict. Painful, wonderful, necessary conflict.


To my great surprise and bemusement, I recently placed 2nd in the HubPages HubPatron of the Arts contest for my photography submission, MUSIC OF THE STREET.

A warm thanks to the judges for selecting me and to all of the wonderful hubbers who have offered congratulations and encouragement.








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