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Sue Henson-Ramos aka Sioux Ramos or Emohealer is an energy facilitator, motivational speaker and writer. Her diverse background includes her large family, 7 sisters, 5 brothers, 2 stepsisters, and over 50 neices and nephews. An amazing Chilean husband & 4 incredible stepsons & 1 beautiful stepdaughter

She spent 8 years in The US Army as a tank mechanic and is a combat veteran from the Gulf War 1990/91. Sue spent a few years in marketing and merchandising and many years on the journey into the quantum, scientific, health and spiritual aspects of life. She has spent her lifetime exploring and discovering the world from every aspect available, historically, aesthetically, scientifically, spiritually and more. Everything she has found and everything she has learned has amazed her and led to more new and exciting ideas and concepts.

Sue's in depth training and learning in the area of holistic and energy based healing and wellness has been the most exciting experience. Sharing this knowledge has had a huge impact on her life, her family and everyone she has had the opportunity to share with. Sue's deepest desire is to share with the whole world and let the whole world share back, creating a synergistic worldwide experience of joy, love and wellness.

Her book series on Choice Mastery 1)Fulfilling Your Destiny 2) For Parents & Teachers, Assisting Others to Fulfill Their Destiny 3) For Couples, Doing it Together ... is a culmination of life discoveries to light the way for everyones journey. For each of us to uncover our own inner light and shine brightly in unity and peace. The journey is only beginning and the future looks bright.

I look forward to sharing many diverse subjects and reading all of your articles here. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Sioux Ramos aka Emohealer

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