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I'm a dad and husband from Dayton, Ohio. I write a lot of humor and a little bit of some other stuff.

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I'm starting a (not funny) series on the true story of my daughter's heart defect and miraculous survival. It begins here:

Hope Through Heart Defects 1: The First Days

If you'd like some humor about parenting or marriage, here are some good places to start:

Operation Dumbo Drop: How My Daughter Defaced a Disney Monument

Woman Projects and Other Hazards of Marriage

If you want to laugh at internet culture, start with:

How to Argue on the Internet (Hub of the Day for January 24, 2012!)

A Better Form: A Captcha Alternative

A lot of my articles start off as random thoughts or rants. If you want a romp through the bizarre inner workings of my brain, start with:

SEO Tips Absolutely No One Needs to KEYWORDS Know

The Fantasy Author's Checklist for Success: Five Signs That You've Made It Big

A couple of my articles even contain actual information! Occasionally it's even useful! I swear those were accidental. Expand your mind, starting with:

The Amusing Cucumber: Debunking "The Amazing Cucumber" Chain E-mail

5 Easy Do It Yourself Home Improvement Projects For Conspiracy Theorists

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