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Eric Pulsifer - Authorpreneur, musician, troublemaker nonpareil

This site is a testing lab for some of my writing. Call it a lunatic's Zen handbook and you may be about right. Some fiction, some nonfiction, a few screeds, basically whatever sticks to the wall.

Some credentials: Published the novels B.I.C.* Cartel (*Butt In Chair), Damage Control and Desert Vendetta. A fourth, The Way Of The ASPIS, is in first draft.

Plied my trade as a journalist in California, Nevada, Arizona and Indiana. Earned an Arizona Associated Press award for in-depth coverage.

Played music semiprofessionally wherever I went, including bands ranging from bluegrass to jazz.

Also worked as a taxi driver in South Carolina and Tennessee, at a railroad yard in South Carolina, and on random casino gaming floors in Laughlin, Nevada.

Currently working as a full-time family caregiver in California, writing and playing music when I have a few spare hours.

How I describe my alleged career track:

“I left the newspaper business in 1997 and didn’t write a serious word for nearly a decade. Spent that time trying to be a normal person who doesn’t know if he has a gift. It was the most miserable, most dysfunctinal time of my life … finally parked my butt in the chair and did some writing. And it was horrible. It looked like it was put together by someone who hadn’t written in a decade. But still a victory; I was writing.”

Now in 2015, more ferocious than ever. Allegedly kinder and gentler, but with all the edginess as before. Still with an almost pathological need to stir things up, spread some laughter, provoke folks to good works, and to open people's minds.

Quotes about:

"Eric could make coffee nervous."

- His therapist, 2010

Fun facts:

- I always wanted to be a brain surgeon, but they wouldn't let me use a crowbar.

Now has leavings all over the Web:

ericpulsifer.com: My home site, which includes The Column. This is the blog where we explore the question of why it is so warm in this handbasket.

creativeanddangerous.com: If you're creative and would rather do it than talk about it, or if you need some serious encouragement and/or a boot in the tail, this is the stuff for you.


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