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I love to read & write.I have quite a few hobbies, including but not limited to:

Braiding Hair (& Braiding Names In Hair)

Natural Hair Care


Modeling (retired)

Graphic Design

Internet Marketing

Natural Products For Skincare

and even more! I am a retired model, and have an associates in the medical field.

I'm here to share what I know,learn what I don't, and hopefully help others along the way. I'm just trying to find and do what God wants, and learning how to listen and follow His word.

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    • Traffic But Few Clicks....

      Traffic But Few Clicks....

      7 years ago

      First of all, I want to say hi to everyone - Ive had a hubpages account for quite some time but just yesterday discovered the forum and all of its benefits.  I'm excited to be hear, and I would love to learn from...