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I'm a young working adult and I wish to be anonmyous. During my old days when I was younger, I played many different games, ranging from MMORPGs to MMOFPS and even to games of foreign language (e.g. Arabic)!

When I start on a game, I usually play it for about 8 - 9 months, depending on whether I enjoy it overall. Sometimes I could spend just 1 - 2 months on a game, then I might just review it and post it on websites.

The past few reviews I posted isn't really good. I've decided to go according to this:

-> Gameplay

-> Graphics

-> Fun (enjoyment)

-> Security

-> Multiplayer

-> Overall

If any of you guys out there have a game that you want me to review, I will do it in a day! (most of the time in an hour!) :D

If any of you out there plays Dragon Nest, pm me 'DawnShiro' around 2:00pm GMT+8 and I'll invite you to my guild 'Ominscient'. My guild specialises in loyalty, helping others in dungeons, and having fun. No rules, just fun. Come join!

Have a good day to all! :D

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