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I post stuff out of whim.

I don't hate the world there's just too many things I dislike.

I am not a loner, I just value my time alone and "that" thing they call - "space".

It makes me breathe.

I like music, arts, movies, dramas and books.

I like coffee but I palpitate when I drink even a cup.

I get really depressed when I'm sad yet I easily smile on little things that move me.

I'm an ecclectic who gets drowned in a moment, in a place.

I blog because I want to practice writing and at the same time keep a public record of the things I find interesting.

Ironically, I kill time even if I don't have even a minute to spare.

I guess I just want to do the things that make me feel fulfilled.

Please enjoy my hubs!

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  • A Liar and A Broken Girl

    A Liar and A Broken Girl

    23 months ago

    Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-Chan is a movie you've got to watch if you are into psychological asian films. For an anime fanatic, it can be josei with a mix of seinen.