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Hey all film goers,

My name is Andrew, i live in Sydney, i'm 39 years old and study sports at university.

In my spare time i like to check out films at my local cinema, relive or discover some of the forgotten classics of yesteryear on my home entertainment system.The idea of this page is to share my thoughts on different films and even provide a guide or connect to other film enthusiasts who can comment or follow me. AJ

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  • Crazy Heart Reviewed

    Crazy Heart Reviewed

    5 months ago

    Bad Blake is a hard livin' country music veteran. Life takes a turn when he meets a woman in a town he's touring which forces him to think about the choices he has made and what the future holds.

  • Blue Velvet Film Review

    Blue Velvet Film Review

    5 months ago

    After visiting his sick father in hospital, on his way home Jeffrey Beaumont discovers a human ear in a field. He bags it and takes it to a policeman who is the father of a girl he knows named Sandy..

  • Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

    Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

    5 months ago

    The true story of WW2 hero Desmond T. Doss, a medic who was awarded a medal of honour without firing a single shot, saving over 30 men in the battle of Okinawa.

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    "It" (2017) Film Review

    5 months ago

    A group of kids band together after several kids go missing while a shape shifting demonic clown, Pennywise, haunts their own worst fears in the small town of Derry, Maine.

  • War Dogs (2016) Review

    War Dogs (2016) Review

    6 months ago

    Based on a true story involving two friends in their early 20's who bid on U.S. Military contracts and sell arms to the Afghan Military during the Iraq war.