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Hello All, my name is Amy. I am a mother, wife, sister and daughter and my family is the most importent thing in my world. I've spent the last 17 years caring for my family, always putting myself last, but at the same time happy to do it. Making sure my kids grow up healthy and productive is most important. Now that they are growing up they don't need Mom's constant care so I started a small business called Find Your Sexy with Tyler Simone. I never considered myself to be very attractive, I always had to deal with skin problems and weight issues, which damaged how I saw myself. In recent years I came to realize that I am beautiful in my own way, that it's not about being, it's about living and it was time to stop wasting. This lead me to my business, I wanted to provide women with the tools needed to stop wishing for sexy and start finding the sexy. I want to help other women to stop settling because they don't think they can get better, whether it's in a relationship or career. You can be an amazing person on the inside, but if you're too fearful to go out and experience life, then you're limiting the number of people that will get the benefit of knowing such a wonderful person.

I realized that once I felt beautiful and sexy; I had more confidence, which took away fears of rejection and enabled me to be more productive and less withdrawn. I began to look great, feel great, which helped me let go of fears and inhibitions. There are plenty of services availble to women on building self esteem by accepting yourself for who you are. And those sites are fantastic and do wonderful things for women. What we want to offer is help to women that want a hand finding or bringing out with their sexy side. Everyone needs to explore their sexy side.

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