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WAHM, student, geek girl, copywriter and keen amateur photographer. When I grow up I want to be a Giant Squid and have a pony. Insatiably curious about a wide range of topics and issues, I enjoy sharing knowledge and learning new things. Passionate about animals, the environment, living responsibly, mindfully and with joy. I am happiest when going zen at the beach or curled up with a book. I enjoy traveling, or at least wandering in unfamiliar places and discovering new sights and wonders. I live in Australia, with my teenage son and a bulbous cat called Rumblebuffin. I want a dog (more than one, actually) but the cat says no.

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  • Life with a British Shorthair Cat

    Life with a British Shorthair Cat

    3 years ago

    Mina009 commented on my bio, wondering how a cat could say "no" to having a dog in the house. To begin to understand that, you need to meet Rumblebuffin. He's a British Shorthair cat, he's a dude, and he rocks it. ...